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What have we lost? Extinct car brands

Over the years car oblivion left a great many brands, sometimes little known to the General public, but sometimes world-famous. Today we remember a Baker’s dozen of brands ceased to exist during the second half and even the beginning of this century. So why was their fate? What we have lost, along with the names that were once familiar to buyers? And maybe even lost?

What have we lost? Extinct car brands

  • The pictures of the most unsuccessful cars of the XXI century, you will find the link.
  • And here we remember the cars that had a reputation losers of the Russian automotive industry.
  • With the most unusual experiments of the brands can be found here.
  • Photos of Volga cars, which few have seen, we have collected in this publication, and little-known car brand Moskvich — here.

Photo: manufacturersThat we have lost? Extinct car brands

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