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What if?… — best publication-2017

In the past, 2017, we began a series of publications that tried to answer the most topical for the modern motorist questions. Let’s remember which of them was most popular among readers…

The topics were chosen very different from Lithgow to interact with the traffic police. On the Internet these are denoted by letters F. A. Q., that is, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). In our case the issues that concern virtually every driver, but the time in order to find the answer is simply no.

Miracles do not happen

The record for views was the topic of how to warm up the car interior in winter. Agree that each of us at least once appeared in the frozen interior of the machine when the time seems to slows down. What to do to the engine quickly reached operating temperature and started to share the heat with you? Is it possible to speed up the process, or at least not to interfere with the motor warm up? On these questions tried to answer Cyril Mileshkin, but judging by reviews, most readers didn’t like it. Probably, many continue to believe in miracles. But, unfortunately, before the laws of physics, equal everything.

Teach materiel

Michael Kolodochkin is suggested not less interesting topics. As it turned out, many motorists are interested in the questions: is it possible to turn off a turbo engine immediately after the trip and is it for automatic transmission translate the selector in the neutral position every time during a stop (even at traffic lights). Try to ask these questions of professionals: service men, or “garage experts”. I am sure that opinions were divided and those and others. In any case, without the knowledge of these components in the response will not do. So give me the links to study the materiel, along with an expert.SP.

What is not forbidden is allowed?

However, causing heated debate and topics related to traffic rules and the Code of administrative offences. It would seem that these laws have all the rights and duties of the driver. But do you remember? And true treat? Let’s see — answer to a simple question: is it allowed to stop on a stop of public transport? And if so, when? Now let’s see how right you are. The correct answer here.

On the tail of DPS

Complicate the task: you caught up with the patrol car. It moves with the maximum allowed speed. Well, or a little slower than the set limit. To overtake or not? And what could be the consequences? The answer is here.

Rhetorical questions

Finally, we offer a series of eternal questions, the answers to which seems to be known to all. But whether these answers are quickly forgotten, whether the army of drivers are so rapidly filled up by fresh recruits that the topics are still relevant. So: some gasoline to fill the tank of your car? It better be the motor, if you feed it ‘ 98? Is it possible to save 92-m? And still: how you can drive, if the led lights up low fuel level on the dashboard?

If you have recently behind the wheel and mastered the whole selection of the best F. A. Q.-publications SP, you can consider yourself an advanced motorist. But if the driving experience you have has more than a dozen of thousands of kilometers, you probably have their own opinion on each topic. It is possible that it differs from the opinion of the author. In this case, we invite you to reasoned debate. Because in a dispute born truth.

What if?… — best publication-2017

What if?… — best publication-2017Фото: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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