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What if I change the horn? — 500 RUB at least

For non-standard signal resembles the other signal, you run the risk of losing a driver’s license.Alexey Revin “driving”Expert

Regular signals modern cars have become quieter. Even respectable-looking crossovers emit a quiet zadanie instead of the loud beep. That is why some car owners are trying to make this sound louder. Someone puts pneumatically from the truck along with a compressor and a receiver, someone- not less loud electric signals.

Have experienced drivers for the standard adopted volgovskoe horn twin snail low and high tone. Are connected via an additional relay and fuse, and place the “horns” behind the grille, but just in case, so they were not visible from the outside. Otherwise, the attention of the traffic police provided. However, it should only honk the horn, and a loud horn will give you up — the traffic police will easily fail under the definition of “Change of vehicle design”. Punishment is a fine of 500 rubles (article 12.5.1 administrative code).

If the sound of your horn is not monotonic and resembles the mod police, ambulance and other special services, then you fall under the exemption of the driving license, in accordance with article 12.5 of part 4 of the administrative code. In this case, the court will deprive you of rights for a period of 12 to 18 months. So no cracklock, sirens floating frequency sound and mnogoreztsovyh of pneumocephalus playing, for example, the Cucaracha.

Advice from “the wheel”

In the “List of faults and conditions under which prohibits operation of vehicles” it is said that the horn should be operational. So if you are the inspector on the road caught on the fact that the car is numb, it should be possible to clearly pronounce almost universal phrase — “Follow to a Parking lot or repair with observance of necessary precautions” (p 2.3.1. SDA). There’s a chance that will help. But it is not accurate!

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