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What if you stick a P or R on the move?

There are two options: or nothing, or shorten the service life of the box. Tell what will happen specifically to your machine.Alexey Revin “driving”Expert

The control lever transmission, the driver can translate into a bad situation in a very few cases.

  • When he first sat behind the wheel of a car with an automatic transmission. Reflexes after driving the car with the mechanics is still strong. Here is simple advice: attention and the attention of many driving skills have to change.
  • In the Park, when the driver tries have not stopped the car to engage reverse gear or select R. mode I Advise you never to hurry behind the wheel, because this can be very expensive — even more expensive than the damaged equipment.
  • The driver decided polihachit and make something like a police turn. Here you can only recommend to remember the words of the Soviet comedian Yuri Nikulin: “Behind the wheel — not in the circus!” The car with a gun on a public road don’t start anything like that.
  • When you try to “rock” the carstuck in the mud or snow.

What really breaks?

In modern machines, where there is no mechanical connection between the shift lever (or even the washer, like on Jaguar) and a box of electronics will protect from all problems. Incorrect insertion impossible. But if the connection between the selector and the automatic transmission is implemented using a rope drive, the same mechanical drive and locking the box in position R.

To recognize machine with a mechanical drive just. The first sign: when Parking on a slope without the handbrake difficult to move the lever out of position R. Why? The locking part into the cavity of the toothed wheels on the secondary shaft. And if the car tries to roll, the release latch is difficult. The lever needs to be pushed with force.

The second way of testing — frankly hooligan (not recommended!). Enable R when driving at low speed. If it works, you hear a crunch. This latch clicks the teeth. Not an emergency, but frustrating: this creates metal shavings, which will reduce the service life of the machine. Unless, of course, not to replace working fluid in the box.

The latch machine or DP2.The latch machine or DP2.

Mass car with such mechanical lock includes: folk favorites of the Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris, all the machines popular with the French 4-speed automatic DP0/DP2 and DP8 (Renault, Citroen, Peugeot), many Nissan models, Renault, Mitsubishi, Citroen, Peugeot, Dodge, Jeep with a CVT Jatco JF011E and even Mercedes-Benz C-class the third generation (W204).

But attempt mode R when driving even such a box would simply ignore. The reverse gear takes place by the valves of the hydraulic unit, and those, in turn, are controlled by electronics that will not allow trouble. In other words, dangerous only mode R when driving. However, the result of such actions, not accident, and increased wear of the box. Ideally, you move the selector to any of the provisions only at completely stopped car.

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