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What is more important: power or torque?

Technical characteristics of the car are and the maximum power and maximum torque. Tell which of the indicators of “beauty” and which for convenience of management.Alexey Revin “driving”Expert

Of course, fixated on power all. From girls, in which the magic of numbers has a deadly influence, to tax specialists who are all very happy with each degree of increase of capacity after 100 HP, but much prefer the machines with the number more than 250 HP

The maximum power determines the ability of the vehicle to achieve maximum speed. Here the dependence is not direct, but more powerful cars with a similar mass have a greater top speed.

But how quickly will be able to reach the maximum speed affects the torque characteristics of the engine. Take two engines with the same maximum power, but one curve has the form of a simple hump, and the other very quickly (with little turnover) reaches a maximum value and then holds the shelf that time up to almost maximum speed. How motor acceleration will be better? Of course, with the second, because usually the acceleration in each gear occurs at the rpm range of the crankshaft from 2000 to 4000, well, maybe 5000 per minute. And the engine all the time will give in this range the maximum torque.

The power and torque of the atmospheric engine VAZ (left) and Chinese turbo JLE-4G18TD.The power and torque of the atmospheric engine VAZ (left) and Chinese turbo JLE-4G18TD.

According to this algorithm dispersed on manual gear boxes, hydro mechanical machines and robotic boxes. Variators are a few out. In principle, the earlier designs of variators worked honest modern. On acceleration, especially in the “gas pedal to the floor”, they provided at the beginning of the crackdown on the largest gear ratio and let the motor quickly reach a speed close to the maximum. Then the engine continued to operate at maximum speed and power, and the CVT is changing the gear ratio provided the most efficient acceleration. And it was almost still, torque motor or not. It was all about maximum power. Although not always the same acceleration occurs in a mode kik-Daun.

Recently variators, for the sake of driving habits, taught to simulate gear changes. Why — is unclear. I think the driver is important that the right pedal produce more smooth, more or less, depending on the situation, acceleration.

So, torque motors provide more convenient control of the acceleration of the vehicle and, therefore, assist the driver in difficult road conditions. Therefore, motors with a “shelf” torque like drivers, and this characteristic they offer designers, introducing first of all the motors are turbocharged. High, starting with a small Rev torque improves the comfort of driving, and therefore more important than maximum power, which is not needed, almost never.

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