What is the meaning of hybrid Mercedes-Benz in Ukraine

Ukraine presented a hybrid Mercedes-Benz GLE e 500 4MATIC. The correspondent of our source, in addition to details about the new found out, what’s the point of buying a hybrid. And whether he did.First of all, I must say that a hybrid SUV Mercedes-Benz GLE e 500 4MATIC is a plugin-hybrid (PHEV). And that means it can be charged from an outlet like an electric car. What does it do? In order to save fuel. Constantly save. After all GLE e 500 4MATIC only on electricity is able to travel 30 km, i.e., at least every other day you can ride to work and home without spending a drop of gasoline.

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And if you have the ability to recharge the hybrid near the office during the working day, all such trips will now do virtually for free. Li-ion battery can be charged from a charging station or a household socket. The charging time of the charging station will be no more than 2 hours from a household socket – 4 hours. And, not least, for city driving you will be enough batteries, because the maximum speed of GLE e 500 4MATIC only with electric motor – 130 km/h.

But if the ability to charge from a wall outlet none or forgot to do it – nothing to worry about. Mercedes-Benz GLE e 500 4MATIC can be charged independently, on the go, though it will need to work the petrol engine.

And for those who fear that inspired the drive, you start to burn the gasoline in GLE e 500 4MATIC has a so-called haptic gas pedal. When the driver wants to press her “on the floor” it, just in case, will signal the tremors that are now using electric, job will turn on the petrol engine. And then the power from both engines (BlueDIRECT V6 petrol and electric) will reach 442 HP and torque of 830 Nm is phenomenal. To hundreds you can accelerate in 5.5 seconds with the maximum speed will reach (if desired) 243 km/h.

Of the other features GLE e 500 4MATIC it should be noted 7-speed automatic transmission 7G-TRONIC PLUS. All-wheel drive of the model are constant, and given the fantastically high torque and adjustable suspension with pneumatic suspension 285 mm Mercedes-Benz GLE e 500 4MATIC can be considered a true SUV. In addition to the purely electric mode E-MODE the driver can choose one of three other driving modes: HYBRID, E-SAVE and CHARGE.

It should be noted that in the Ukrainian market of hybrid GLE 500 e is already far not the only one. Among the competitors are the BMW X5 xDrive 40e, Audi Q7 e-tron, Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid.

Incidentally, the first hybrid Mercedes-Benz has produced exactly 110 years ago – in 1907. And already in this century – in 2007, it launched small-scale production of smart electric drive. In 2010 saw the light of the light commercial vehicle Vito E-CELL and b-Class hydrogen-powered. In 2013, a coupe Mercedes-AMG SLS Electric Drive. And in 2015-m – b-Class Electric Drive S and 500e.

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Today the model line of Mercedes-Benz for 9 hybrid and electric models. It’s a hybrid (HEV) Mercedes-Benz S300h, S400h and C300h. Plug-in hybrids (PHEV) Mercedes-Benz S 500e, 500e 4Matic GLE, C 350e, GLC (+ coupe) 4Matic and E 350e 350e. Also – full electric vehicle In 250е.

What is the benefit of the hybrid? As reported by our source, the General Director of the company “Avtokapital” Yaroslav Penetration, the cost of hybrid GLE e 500 4MATIC is actually the same as the SUV with the engine of the same capacity – less 60 thousand euros. But on GLE e 500 4MATIC the manufacturer promises an average consumption of gasoline at the level of three and a half liters per 100 km. Warranty on battery is 6 years or 100 thousand km mileage. And its all this time does not need to serve. In addition, GLE e 500 4MATIC you can control from your mobile phone. For example, remotely to heat or ventilate the car before the trip. Therefore, according to Mr. the burned-on food, the hybrids are the best option for Ukraine, which is enough on charges. And hybrids Mercedes-Benz will find their place in our market.

And in 2018 the company Mercedes-Benz has announced the presentation of its new electric brand EQ. The first model EQ with a power reserve of 400 km has already been officially presented in autumn at the Frankfurt motor show.

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