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What new car should I choose? Question!

We are starting a new series where experts of the magazine “za rulem” will be answering readers ‘ questions on a variety of topics, one way or another related to cars. The topic of our first “Straight line” — the choice of the car.

When choosing your next car you must consider a lot of nuances: where and how do you plan to maintain the machine, how much can cost the contents of a particular model and if it can bear this burden the family budget, if it will fit any model to your individual manner of driving and the anticipated conditions of operation… To keep all this information in my head and eventually the right choice is not so easy, but we can help.

No matter what you are planning to buy a car — expensive premium or budget. If you can’t decide, write. Our expert Cyril Mileshkin will understand all the intricacies of the kits, will tell you what power unit is more suitable for you, what options you can give, and for what better pay. How are things going with postavlu and what to prefer a color? For a long time whether to buy a car or a year or two? Whether I can then to sell it and whether the chosen model will drop in price? To continue indefinitely, but sooner or later they will have to make a choice.

All questions concerning the choice of a new car to buy, send an e-mail: Try to formulate them more input — so the expert will be easier to clue you in all the abundance of choice on the market.

Answers to questions will be published 16 Feb.

Photo: “Behind the wheel.Russia»

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