What parts are better: the duplicate or the original

As a rule, all motorists are divided into two groups. Those who believe that buying spare parts for the car you need from the manufacturer, and those who don’t think so. For example, drivers of the second group without remorse buying duplicate spare parts for Japanese cars and successfully exploit them. People from the first group are surprised and skeptical about these crazy, considering that such items will not last long. Whether so it actually?

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  • Genuine parts
  • Duplicate
  • It is better to buy?
  • Startling facts
  • Truck parts

Genuine parts

What are genuine parts? It turns out that most of the manufacturers are just assemblers of machines and spare parts for their cars they bought on the side. Of course, the factory puts a number of strict requirements to the manufacturer, which collects for their own car parts. Concern-the manufacturer arranges the tender, sets the terms of delivery, cadence etc. in short, in every way following this process and taking responsibility for components of the vehicle itself.
Does the production of original spare parts in the following way. The company that wins the tender receives TK, where there are specified the main parameters of the future product, the timing of its creation, etc. the Supplier, in turn, makes the parts and sends them to the warehouse or car dealer centers, or on the Assembly line.

It is worth remembering that manufacturers of original spare parts of the same car manufacturer can be several. For example, Toyota put lights and other accessories, made its official partners. For Mercedes for over two years work by the famous firm Bosh and Nella.
By law, the automobile manufacturer shall, within ten years from the date of issue of a certain brand of car to provide the market with original components. The firms that manufacture parts for them can change. The automaker has the right to decide who he trusts the Assembly of the parts.

As mentioned above, the original manufacturers of spare parts supply products not only on the Assembly lines and warehouses of the automaker, but also directly to the stores or dealer services. Sold all original parts needs with the logo of the automaker.


They are manufactured at the enterprises that do not have a contract with the automaker. This usually occurs in the following way. Firm engaged in the manufacture of duplicates, buys the part or component, parses it and collects a sample item of own production. And the result is often much better than the original.

For example, duplicates of spare parts for American cars (and not only) made with regard to achieve the necessary strength, therefore, complemented by elements, which significantly increases their stiffness. Competition with the original parts makes producers of duplicates to strengthen individual elements, making them better.

Part-duplicate is mandatory for certification and is not always a copy of the original parts. It often contains its own secrets and know-how and sometimes much better made. For example, many inexpensive vehicles not provided by the manufacturer to produce ball joints separately. They should vary only in gathering with the lever. But the manufacturers of duplicates, on the contrary, release the ball joints, but still very high quality.
The video describes the difference between original spare parts and duplicates:

Interestingly, there are parts and different order. For example, parts are released by manufacturers from around the world, sold in packing, on which are written the names of other equally popular brands. The financial benefits of such an operation are difficult to understand. But this happens everywhere.

It is better to buy?

So, if the original parts do not the automakers themselves, although with a name company, can we consider that their motorist will purchase a better solution? Unlikely. The difference in prices for the same item, same quality, by the way, negates all the advantages of original spare parts for cars.
Why genuine parts are so expensive? In the Executive centers of factories answer: a high price is associated with market relations, because the selling price determines the local marketing Department based on the situation on the market. Interestingly, the prices of the original spare parts, presented in different countries differ significantly. And low price, even several times, does not mean fake. By the way, some dealers in Russia do so, buying original spare parts from other countries at a lower price.
Maybe such a high price of original spare parts is related to the fee for the logo? The staff of the offices of the automakers are only waving their hands. God forbid! What are you talking about?! As they say, the icon on its part, the automaker puts and takes responsibility for quality. And quality control of components follows a special unit, open at the expense of the automaker. And if there is imperfection and poor quality in one part, the whole batch is rejected. That’s the reason for such prices.
Automakers increase the price to insure themselves against marriage. They are not always confident in the third-party manufacturer parts, though they are also not doing them. It is much easier to put the whole thing on the shoulders of some of the company’s name and monitor the quality side.

Startling facts

It turns out some a transparent system, especially when found in the sale of original spare parts with erased logo. To think that it is a fake, wrong. Most likely, we are talking about miscommunications between the manufacturer and the automaker.
There are other striking facts about genuine parts. Duplicates of spare parts for Korean cars going to the factory was of better quality than those that were intended for shops. To find out the cause of this difference and failed. But through testing it was proven that was used in both cases, a completely different manufacturing process. The question is, where the advantages of original spare parts before you duplicate?
It is worth noting that in any case should not be confused with concepts such as duplicate and fake. A duplicate is the aftermarket parts, that is manufactured without a contract with the automaker, but can easily compete with the original. A fake is quite another. Do it quickly and artisanal way, without spending big money on quality equipment.
On the duplicate there is no company logo, but they are made no worse than the original, and in some cases even better. They are much cheaper than original parts and is usually the only difference between the duplicate and original spare parts.
Original parts, as has been said, differ in a significant disadvantage. They are much more expensive. For many motorists, including experts in this area, the price is sometimes too high. Although the logo of the manufacturer and guarantees high quality of the collected parts of the original production, having the small amount of money, you can safely buy the duplicate. It will be worse if it’s not fake.

To check out the duplicate and fake, but you can ask the seller aftermarket parts certification confirming the authenticity of the duplicate is for quality. If it is not possible to take the seller a certificate, it is recommended to contact an authorized service center. The likelihood here of forgery is reduced to zero.
Now consider the views put forward by the representatives of the largest parts suppliers. It’s such giants as Febi, Bilstain, GKN. They all come to one opinion that buying original parts is economically feasible. After all, there is no difference between components supplied to the conveyor or on the Mart. All produced by a single process, runs the same control, regardless of what country produces the parts.
For example, engines are known automaker Audi is going in Hungary, although it does not prevent to call the build quality is German. And it makes no sense simply to divide the dampers Bilstein in German or Romanian.
And the premature wear of the original, made in another country, manufacturers can easily blamed on the violation of the General technology and a large number fakes coming from China. By the way, some artisanal craftsmen able to forge even the original logos and the belief that buying parts from the manufacturer, we buy quality, no.
Another important reason for the rapid wear of the part, whatever it may be, is a wrong replacement. In other words, if the Assembly as a whole becomes unusable, replacement of a single part will do nothing. And she for some time will fail. And in this case, the warranty the manufacturer will not, as you will need to prove that the cause of failure was exactly it. It turns out that there is no difference between buying of original spare parts and duplicates are almost there.

Truck parts

Now, about the truck parts. Although no difference between them and components for cars no, I would like to talk about them. Original spare parts ZIL or UAZ, for example, has always been considered good, as they always did at the plant. Long service life of parts made in the Soviet era, no doubt. In the head of an ordinary Soviet man, spiritualized the idea of communism, could not even come to the idea that the parts can be made poorly.
Duplicate spare parts for trucks of the Soviet model almost done. Yes and no, besides the plant had no right to do them.
Today the situation is completely different. And to compare these with those rules is just silly. If earlier it was believed that other organizations that manufacture parts for a specific vehicle, not interested in their quality as the car manufacturer, today this view becomes incorrect. Struggle because of competition and the desire to occupy a place in the sun, just forces companies to produce parts of the highest quality.
You can even say more — today, the OEM needs to think about the future. Their bread is increasingly being sucked into the duplicate manufacturers that understand the importance of quality and General availability of products. Previously, they tried to get on a level with manufacturers of original spare parts, proving that they can do no worse. Today they do not need. Duplicate more in price and are buying them like never before.
Any store duplicates for spare parts is experiencing an unprecedented demand of the consumers. The impression that people learned the truth about what duplicates do no worse than the original, broke the barrier that stifle the masses, and pushed to get parts for a low price. Although supporters of the acquisition of original spare parts too much.
Well, that’s all. Hope this article was useful and in some way opened the veil of secrecy that hovers over such concepts as a duplicate, a fake and an original.

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