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What really should be in every medicine Cabinet

This year has tested the kit? Probably not, and for good reason — you never know what will happen… That’s what there usually is not enough and that it would be necessary to update regularly, but no one does.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”Expert

In the kits of the Soviet era was a pile of drugs. It was both good and bad. Well because even though iodine or tincture of Valerian have always been able to use the most distant from the medicine people.

Bad because what’s the use of this weight — no more than bubble-gum “Dirol” or of chocolates “Chill”. And all the familiar iodine, among other things, the blood does not stop — it only disinfects the wound. And earn with the help of the burn — simple. And another bad thing is that the Cabinet, as a rule, lay in the sun, and therefore the drugs were dead, that is, on the eyes.

Today, first aid kit, basically, is a set of something paper-gauze, and therefore respect for her — no. Was thrown into the trunk without even opening forgotten for many years… however, modern man — a creature frail: this, in particular, says the increase in the number of pharmacies in each district. Such driver on the road without drugs — not very reasonable.

What to carry? My opinion is: everyone should carry what used to swallow the house. To healthy people (and had somewhere to be saved) is, of course, not true, but if we are talking about chronic diseases, the whole duty set of tablets keep. And not in the medicine Cabinet in the sun, but in a more secluded place in the trunk, glove compartment, the man purse, backpack… I, for example, carry(1) headache tablets (for example, spazmalgon) and (2) from the pressure (e.g., hood).

What else? Useful (3) hypothermic container (this is a thing that is cold from the blow). Necessarily need (4) nice wide band-aid (I honestly carry duct tape, while not a hindrance…). From the heart should help (5) nitroglycerin, which begins to act within minutes after ingestion. Universal funds is to have a (6) traditional Nospanum — it can be taken in almost all cases, when something hurts. With regard to (7) of iodine, then to help him I would add (8) hydrogen peroxide, which is really stops the blood.

And if need be to help another? It is no secret that the injection is much more effective than the usual tablets. This axiom will confirm any doctor. Therefore, those who are famously drawn with syringes, it makes sense to carry the syringes, and (9) injecting an analgesic — for example, diclofenac or xefocam.

Isothermal blanket it fit in a standard first-aid kit and use them any “tea”.Isothermal blanket it fit in a standard first-aid kit and use them any “tea”.

From the generic non-drug “of poleznyak” mention rescue (10) isothermal blanket — this cheap thing just need to carry. Worth a penny, fits in standard medicine Cabinet. To protect from the cold a blanket is applied to the silver side to the body, for salvation from the heat — gold. Someone a blanket can save a life: after all, many of the injured in an accident die from the banal hypothermia.

About bad to think no one wants, but car accidents happen every day. And if you don’t know how (or are afraid) to do injections, then imagine what the next will be a doctor willing to help and medicines at that no one… What could be more stupid? So it makes sense to expect that a first-aid kit should help not only you, but anyone who were at the scene of the accident.

It is worth remembering that even elastic bandages and adhesive bandages have an expiration date, but because from time to time they need to look. In the heat the same patch will turn into a useless substance. By the way, don’t forget to put in your first aid kit (11) normal scissorsthat can actually cut, not crush.

Typing in the trip all of the above, still let us remember that the first aid kit, even on their own and correctly completed, focused only on the provision of first aid. And if, for example, the passenger aching tooth, that route will have (after pills, other painkillers) to rebuild in the direction of the dentist…

Happy journey and good health!


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