What surprised the updated Nissan Qashgai. Our test drive

Updated Nissan Qashqai tried to pull up to the premium. A little to not jump over the Infiniti. And the result was a serious car that is not referred to the category of “ladies ‘ toys”. The correspondent of our source is realized by native Ukrainian roads.From Kiev to Kharkiv in Poltava. And from Poltava slightly across the field. This route was done by the correspondent of our source at the wheel of the updated Nissan Qashqai. Yes – this is not a neighborhood of Vienna, where he passed the European test, but a living and sometimes malevolent reality. It all four wheels dipped the test front-wheel drive Qashqai with a 1.6-liter turbocharged diesel engine capacity of 130 HP and 350 Nm of torque and a CVT that simulates manual gear changes for 840 920 UAH. A serious amount of money, looking at which you have really to think about the car a class above. In the starting version, of course. And the Qashqai is “fully loaded” with leather interior, and prices start for this crossover with 538670 UAH.

Test drive the New Nissan Qashqai. The proud and wealthy nomad

our source wrote about the main technical innovations of the updated Qashqai. Now it’s time to talk about how they work in Ukraine and what emotions causes Qashqai, moving on our roads. Emotions? From The Qashqai? Someone might not believe it, but Yes – the emotions and this average applies to almost all crossover, now also causes. Not coincidentally, 20% of European buyers of the Renault Kadjar, 10% buyers Peugeot 3008 and 13% of buyers considering the Hyundai Tucson, Nissan Qashqai, as an alternative.

Updated Nissan Qashqai is already being tested Ukrainian roads

Again the similarity
Nissan Qashqai – the most recognizable model of the Nissan and the driver of sales. This explains why it is so similar to X-Trail. Although, it is possible that this X-Trail is similar to the Qashqai. It all depends on what model you have

Despite the fact that the exterior of the Nissan Qashqai is hard to call the extraordinary, he is, honestly, quite pretty. So much so that even attracts attention. Even if the drivers are old “Lada” in the regions stop and wonder what kind of car and how to ride, then the updated Qashqai definitely grown out of the “ladies ‘ toys”.

From a practical point of view it can be noted that small external changes have produced results. It’s 9 LEDs in the headlights head light instead of 6. And light itself. When, already dark, the correspondent of our source moved to Kharkov, he noted that good light headlamps Qashqai for easy movement in the dark. Especially in autumn, when visibility is always worse. Because the light of this “turning” – that is, the headlights Shine where you turn the wheel. This is a new option for Qashqai. On the road in the evening was able to verify another innovation is the automatic switching of distant light. A good option illuminates the road and not blinding oncoming traffic. Only for us it was too polite. A little somewhere in the distance then suddenly the light, like distant light in the Qashqai off. Perhaps there is some setting to make enable and disable the high beam is more “rough” and suitable for our conditions.

When the evening came for the colleagues noticed that the taillights in the updated Nissan Qashqai Shine almost like in the Audi.

At the same time, a kind of symbol of continuity, the cabin is the updated Qashqai, can be considered the ceiling from the first generation of this model, and the same buttons for seat heating. Japanese principle: why change something if it works so well.

Like a huge master’s niche is in the driver’s armrest. Not really like that with all premium ambitions Qashqai, plastic in his cabin of soft front only. And no glasses case, with the available panoramic roof. But, the driver and the passenger, electric adjustment of the seats. One more note: the rear doors could open at least 1 click wider. Back seat a lot, and get out of the car is not very convenient.

The price premium
The updated Nissan Qashqai came the emergency braking system. The correspondent of our source, luckily, to verify that it works during the test has failed, but the option is useful. And it works at speeds from 10 to 70 km/h.

Also useful system collision warning when reversing, for example, when you go. She updated Nissan Qashqai has become even better – the range increased from 8 to 20 m.

Help system at start on lifting now keeps the car on the brake for a few seconds and as long as you want. Although, for what it may be useful difficult to say.

Useful on control cornering headlights we mentioned. It works up to speeds of 160 km/h.

Front and rear Nissan Qashqai sensitive sensors and cameras. So when on the roads we drive into a deep hole, the sensors are sounding the alarm: be careful not to scratch the bumper. And the front camera is automatically activated to show where exactly are you moving or going to move in. By the way, it should be noted that with ground clearance of 185 mm (petrol version – 200 mm), Qashqai, and front-wheel drive is not scared to move out on easy roads. The correspondent of our source check it somewhere in the fields near Poltava. Moreover, it is possible to go far enough and it does not break the bumper. Although, the variable “snow”, “mud” or “L” in front-drive versions have a CVT no.

Most of these useful helpers are provided in the packages updated Nissan Qashqai. And they, although not called technological innovations in the automotive field that really bring the updated Qashqai for premium class cars. And facilitate the work of the driver.

Incidentally, the Bose, the sound was so pleased with the correspondent of our source, will cost buyers an additional 18 140 UAH. And trim leather Nappa – 34 190 UAH.

On the road
The system of Autonomous driving ProPilot in Ukraine, the Nissan Qashqai is not. Therefore, the correspondent of our source all the way had to sit behind the wheel and control the crossover. And I must say a special thank you to Nissan for a leather cushion, which appeared in the Nissan Qashqai on the center console at the right knee of the driver. This concern for those who long is in the way.

But the Bose sound system and Nappa leather we mention no accident. They were in the test Qashqai and complement each other. Is it bad to listen to on the road to good music in excellent quality, but still comfortably ensconced in comfortable leather seats? Obstanovochka, more than appropriate. Indeed, in the updated Qashqai for increased acoustic comfort sound insulation doors, joints and back of the car. And the rear glass is generally made thicker. Even a little strengthen the insulation of the underbody and wheel arches, and would be a real bonus for comfort. Although, so without raising his voice, talking in the cabin at speeds over 150 km/h.

But as they say, art requires sacrifice. For the Bose subwoofer had to sacrifice the spare wheel.

For improved handling, the Qashqai is Nissan’s engineers increased the thickness of the stabilizer bars. And handling like an SUV, the Qashqai is good. It is only necessary to monitor the speed at which you are going to do the maneuver. After all, to turn Qashqai into a sports car, customers are not ordered. It is a family crossover. And this should not be forgotten. Even despite the fact that the correspondent of our source went on Qashqai at a speed of 185 km/h. we Have between Kiev and Poltava. Turns steering from stop to stop of the Qashqai 3 and¼.

Test Nissan Qashqai acceleration to hundreds – 11.1 V S. It’s not too fast, but not slow. CVT shifts gears about 4000 rpm, so the drive can not be called boring. Rather it is cheerful. Even despite the fact that there is no “sport” mode.

Suspension crossover – soft and comfortable. Such a good race on the highway. Small bumps, like concrete road joints, the suspension is not “swallows” and sometimes it may even seem harsh. But any special discomfort on small bumps while riding is not felt.

When the updated Qashqai said that it is a deep restyling, some laughed. Actually, the way it came out. All additions and changes actually affected the character, and the perception of the car. And, fortunately, did not affect the price. By the way, one of the ideas embodied in the updated Qashqai is to combine reasonable operating costs of a hatchback C-class with the practicality of a SUV. The correspondent of our source, when he was driving at a speed of 180-185 km/h, average fuel consumption turned out to 8.3 l/100 km And when the speed does not exceed 150 km/h, this number decreased to 6.2 l/100 km.

Updated Nissan Qashqai has indeed become a grown-up car, not frivolous crossover for girls. It can travel at speeds of 185 km/h on the highway and without problems to overcome are not very civilized off-road. It can be seen on the road, and respect him.

“Nissan Ukraine” I hope that potential buyers will appreciate the advantages of the new Nissan Qashqai and, according to our source, are planning to sell 100-150 units of this crossover in a month.


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