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What will be the new Kia CEE’d and Optima for Russia

International motor shows are a good venue for meetings with the top management of the companies-manufacturers. Word of mouth from them you can learn the latest news. No exception the Geneva motor show, where we spoke to marketing Director of “Kia motors Rus” Valery Tarakanov of the Russian market and upcoming innovations that are in store for him, a Korean company.

Valery Tarakanov, the marketing Director of “Kia motors Rus”.

Valery Tarakanov, the marketing Director of “Kia motors Rus”.Valery Tarakanov, the marketing Director of “Kia motors Rus”.

I’d like to congratulate you on a successful February in Russia — against the backdrop of last year’s growth of the entire market in the region of 12%, you “shot” at 44%. That is the low base effect?

Here, as so often happens, several reasons. There is a low base effect, but mainly affected the update of the model line. In particular, there has been high demand for Rio’s new generation, including the version X-Line. The demand for it we could not meet at the end of last year, when we started the campaign. Added thanks to the updates and models that were previously niche enough. Is the new Picanto and the updated Sorento Prime, whose sales started on 1 February and has doubled.

Looks like the outgoing generation Sid feels not as confident as his companions for the model range. What went wrong?

Yes, the impressive dynamics of this model is not demonstrated, but the drop in sales either, although the C-segment in recent years continued to decline. Today, its share fell to 6%. On the other hand, people have heard about the emergence of a new generation of Sid, and therefore postponed their purchases.

New Kia Kia Ceed CeedНовый

Here in Geneva talked about the fact that in Europe, this segment stands on its own feet. We he is under serious pressure sedans and crossovers B+. The new Led will be able to oppose something to this trend?

Russia is not the only market where active crossovers come to the position of the former leaders of the segments. Even in Western Europe, with its excellent road infrastructure, the share of C-segment is reduced, although remains impressive at 22%. Europeans very often and travel a lot on long distance, here, station wagons and hatchbacks can be very useful. If you multiply the number of cars sold in this class in General overcome their mileage, they will be out of reach. In our country, with its traffic and climatic conditions, the emergence of new products B-SUV immediately made their alternative to the car segment C.

What we can already say about Russian Kia Ceed?

The car is built on a new platform, new body, suspension and the ability to install a variety of power units and systems. In particular, assistants enhance security. Most of presented in Geneva the new Sid will be available in Russia, with the exception of some motors (the final list of units for the Russian President of “Kia motors Rus” Jong Won Jung announced after this interview, as we reported in our online broadcasting from Geneva. — Approx. ed.) and systems. The fact that they work only with high-quality road markings. It is about the system maintain motion in the strip which holds the vehicle in a predetermined path at a predetermined speed. But since a number of systems are offered in a package with others, we are now in the search for optimal balance between the desire to demonstrate the capabilities of the new Sid and its availability. We will expand the package “Warm options”: on the side will appear fully heated windscreen and rear heated seats.

The interior of the updated Kia OptimaИнтерьер updated Kia Optima

In Europe the changes in our country atmosferico volume of 1.6 liters will come the 140 HP 1.4 T-GDI. What caused such a decision?

Strict regulation of CO2 emissions in Europe cannot be met without molekularnych turbo engine, often working in tandem with double clutch gearbox with two clutches. In Russia, environmental requirements were not so high, so it would be odd to bet we have just for these motors and transmissions. So our lineup will be different in detail about it we will tell closer to launch.

It is known that changes and the suspension of the car. What it wanted to achieve your techies?

Conceptually, it’s still the same MacPherson strut front and rear piatyrichka, but their geometry has changed completely: the other angles of inclinations, length of the arms and new shock absorbers. It is not the invention of the wheel, but, according to our European colleagues, the car became more stable and better managed. For Russia, we traditionally perform the adaptation, increasing ground clearance, as a rule, 10 mm. I Think on the new side will be the same, which, of course, would entail changing the settings.

New Kia Ceed Kia Ceed SW SWНовый

In Geneva, Kia showed how the hatchback and wagon CEE’d. What is the distribution of sales between these two versions we have? Why are you one of the few continue to believe in the market C-class estate in Russia?

It is, of course, is not as great as in Europe, but is nevertheless an impressive share. In our case, the share of station wagons accounted for 40% of all sold LEDs. As you know, are interested in them not only entrepreneurs, but also corporate clients, such as taxi brand. We are pleased that a new generation of Sid has this version, which also significantly increased the volume of the Luggage compartment — from 528 to 600 L. For this indicator Ceed now will give odds to other universals of segment D.

Updated Optima appeared in Geneva in the station wagon, which we have not supplied. In the D-class and other rules of the game?

Here we are guided solely by statistics. Any serious demand for station wagons in the D segment in Russia. And this fact also distinguishes our market from Europe. But we do not lose heart, because now we have a good answer for those who still wanted to buy a roomy wagon — Ceed SW.

Updated Kia Optima body universalabsurdity Kia Optima station wagon

What exactly pay attention during the restyling of the car?

Our stylists were tracking the latest trends in European design and sought to find a balance between roomy interior, external fast image and good aerodynamics. Because the struggle for the reduction of CO2, meaning first of all a reduction in fuel consumption, is on all fronts. In the updated model we managed to reduce the drag coefficient. Stylistically the updated model to discern the solutions implemented on Kia Stinger. For example, fascia, grille and dual exhaust pipes.

It is clear that the time to browse through the stands of Geneva and a few, but what trend do you see in this time?

In recent years Geneva motor show has become a place of benefit design and tuning. So the quantity is dominated by small companies, which are even more beautiful version of the already beautiful car. And of course, do not forget the representatives of startups offering energy-saving technologies, Geneva motor show also has always been famous for. It became independent from national preferences area, causing some manufacturers began to refuse to participate at the motor show in Paris and Frankfurt, but are still present here. And although the bulk of the Premier on the stands a bit, there is always something to see.

What will be the new Kia CEE’d and Optima for Rossiiskimi will be the new Kia CEE’d and Optima for Rossitto: Arthur Saruhanov

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