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What will happen to the inspection: the Central Bank against the insurers

The initiative to bring the inspection of the functions of the RBA is the Bank of Russia — accreditation techcentral can be an overwhelming task for the Russian Union of insurers.Alexander Khlynov


It’s time to change the law: a scratch is not an accident!

The Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) could lose responsibility for the technical inspection of vehicles because of fears of the Central Bank that the Union will not be able to carry out the accreditation of techservices in certain terms. These functions proposed for the government.

In fact, RSA warned of a possible shortage of insurance policies, if the period of the reform of the accreditation techservices is not extended for a year. Also in the Union asking permission to double the cost of accreditation.

According to the new law on technical inspection of vehicles, which entered into force in June this year, from June 2020 accreditation services wishing to conduct inspections, will be conducted in the format of a field test. Thus, the PCA need to check 5,2 thousand techservices, and to do so until June 2021, as required by the new law, the Union will not work.

In Central Bank indicate that the absence of RSA “actual and financial capacity” to conduct accreditation, writes “Kommersant”. As a result, this “can lead to destabilization of the market inspection and, as a consequence, to destabilization of the market OSAGO”.

The impossibility of issuance of diagnostic card, will prevent the issuance of insurance policies, without which, in turn, operate the vehicle impossible. Insurers fear that the majority of techservices will turn to RSA to receive accreditation at the last moment and for registration of time and money may not be enough. Another impediment, which, despite the discussion of the law at the stage of admission, unnoticed, is the notion of “capacity operator”. With imposed constraints, the number of accredited services should increase substantially.

“The law introduces a parameter such as the bandwidth of the operator. If we detect that a single item can hold no more than 15-20 in a day, the number of operators in the country should be increased at least three times,” says Deputy Executive Director of RSA Sergey Efremov.

As for the cost of accreditation, which in PCA are asking for an increase, today it is 20 thousand rubles, 10 thousand rubles for each additional item THAT is owned by the company. Experts estimate that prices should be increased to 70 thousand rubles. This will not only make field audits of cost-effective, but will give the possibility to involve external experts to validate remote techcentral.

Taking into consideration all the difficulties, the Central Bank has decided to nip the impending crisis in the industry in the Bud is to pass a function as a PCA in the field of technical inspection to the government. The proposal is already under discussion.

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