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When “Maclear”, and when normal consumption?

Long tests and car reports in category “Park of ZR” always actively discussed at the forum, “driving”, because in the garage edition of the most popular models. Comment on “sudden makoare” wagon Lada Vesta many readers raised the question of what “appetite” can be considered normal and what is elevated. Meets Alexander Vinogradov.Alexander Vinogradov “Behind the wheel”

In the article on the site about universal Lada Vesta SW Cross was mentioned “flash masroor”. Explain, please, what is the oil consumption for this model really can be considered makarora, and what is normal?

Vinogradov Alexander “Behind the wheel”

While the present makoare early to say. Consumption of a litre of oil in ten thousand kilometers — not critical. Just in the background VAZ other engines that do not consume oil, it catches the eye.

Such waste is normal for modern molokopodobnogo aspirated engine, but not much forced atmosfernika even one liter is too much. If the car in the near future to reduce oil appetite, can be attributed to Maclear on the run-in. But if the frenzy continues and after the first, this is an occasion to reflect.

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Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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