When the car will finally turn into gadgets. The new CES 2018

The consumer electronics show CES 2018, which is being held in Las Vegas already attracts attention… car companies. Auto giants hasten to adapt their existing vehicle designs to the requirements of the nearest drone of the future.Already in anybody does not cause doubts that robomobile will appear on the roads in the very near future. Their entry, “the public” will take place almost simultaneously with the mass emergence of electric vehicles. Therefore, the auto giant to speed up the process of development and implementation of artificial intelligence in the vehicles, increase cooperation with IT-companies.
And not only to save time and money, but also to “pros” were not engaged in “Amateur”. As, for example, is known for its innovative solutions the company BlackBerry. She began to collaborate on advanced solutions for the systems of auto-pilot with Baidu, Qualcomm and experts from Denso. ,br>

At CES 2018 the Volkswagen Group and Hyundai Motor have announced a partnership in the field of artificial intelligence for vehicles with Aurora from the famous Silicon valley.

Volkswagen intends to integrate the technology Autonomous car is not only in the cars of all their brands, but also in other product categories. For example, self-propelled containers, shuttles, cargo vans or self-propelled trucks.

Hyundai in the framework of this Alliance plans to commercialize Autonomous vehicle 4-th level. They will be able to function without human intervention or oversight already in 2021. That is – after only 3 years.

The fact that this figure is not from a science fiction movie confirms the fact that in 2021 plans to release its first drone iNEXT and BMW. In addition, the Bavarians intend to spend more than 100 million euros for the construction of a testing ground for drones and electric vehicles. The complex is located in Czech Republic on an area of 500 hectares, two hours ‘ drive from the Centre of advanced studies BMW Group. It is expected that the platform will start working at the beginning of the next decade. The project will be part of the development plan of the line of drones, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles of the brand to 2025.

The first Ford Autonomous vehicle will be completely original model, which is a particular strength of the design. Along with using hybrid drive, this will allow new models to be on the road 20 hours a day. A pilot project on testing of a prototype UAV Ford in real conditions will start already this year.

Ibid at CES 2018 cooperation agreement signed Nvidia and Uber. Their goal is to endow the vehicle with artificial intelligence. Uber the company began to develop technologies of government in 2015, and in 2016-m robotic vehicles left on public roads of Pittsburgh (PA, USA), where they began to carry ordinary passengers.
Of course, driving such cars is always an experienced driver, ready at any moment to take over.

Toyota at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas introduced the unmanned platform-the e-Palette, which will become part of the mobile ecosystem. Development of the vehicle was conducted in cooperation with Amazon, DiDi (Chinese service of passenger transport), Mazda, Pizza Hut and Uber. Depending on the task mounted on the UAV body may function as a cargo or passenger module.

Not far behind Uber and Waymo. This company is working with Fiat Chrysler 2016 to equip vans Chrysler Pacifica Autonomous technology. In the beginning of this year in Phoenix, Arizona, Waymo plans to launch a fully Autonomous rental cars.

But most importantly, all of these technologies to Autonomous control versatile enough to work on different models from different manufacturers. That is – we are talking about some common standards, which in the future will have to stick to it, who will robomobile.

How serious is it, and how crazy fast growing, evidenced by another fact. To date, only robomobile Uber has made about 50 thousand passenger trips. The total mileage in the regime of self-government reached 3.2 million (!) kilometers. But there are plenty of other unmanned proektov.

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