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Ffotosessiya the novelties was held in Paris, Los Angeles and San Francisco — the streets of these cities in the next year will be to run these cars.

Design electric cars that are comparable in length with the Smart Fortwo hatchback and the width of the motorcycle, provides a double layout of the cabin, where the passenger sits behind the driver. It is important that one standard Parking space will fit four SEV.

Power electric power plant is enough to disperse sitikar to 45 miles per hour, and the battery capacity should be enough for 100 kilometers. At the same time. The battery itself weighs only 10 pounds — it is easy to remove and charge from a regular household socket.

Small electromobility equipped with a completely adult – led optics, side mirrors with electric drive, disc brakes on all wheels and 16-inch “rollers”. In the cabin, designed for riders up to 195 cm, there is a multifunction steering wheel, digital “tidy”, air conditioning and mobile communication 4G.

It is expected that these electric cars in the next year will appear on the streets of Paris, Los Angeles and San Francisco – they will take a short-term rent to tourists for short journeys. Estimated price cars including subsidies for electric cars is not higher than 40 000 yuan (about 6 thousand dollars).

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