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Where did rumble in the rotation test for the experienced motorist

Will you be able to determine the cause of the fault on a number of characteristics that are manifested during driving?

As doctors can’t diagnose over the phone and any mechanic will not undertake to name the cause of the fault without a diagnostic machine. And rightly so, because the risk of error is too great. But the symptoms of some fault with nothing to confuse. Consider one of such situations.

Imagine that you are driving a car. At speeds above 60 km/h front begins to hear the rumble. When turning left it virtually unchanged, and turning to the right increases. Acceleration, braking and coasting little influence on the nature of the foreign sound are not. Of course, the buzz when the machine can create different details, but according to his nature with a high degree of accuracy, you can go to the cause. Ready to imagine what could be the problem? Then choose your answer below as the correct read on the next page.

Where did rumble in the rotation test for the experienced avtolubiteley, at 10:00

At speeds above 60 kmh on the front there is a hum. It is worse when turning right. What could be the reason?

Most likely, the problem with the left front wheel bearing. Perhaps there is a defective differential housing of the transmission. The problem with the right front wheel bearing. I suspect the problem is the rear wheel bearings, and the sound from the front because of the peculiarities of the body. This specific is the sound of the tires.Vote


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