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Where it will arrive with the oncoming lane or from behind? School experienced drivers

Parse the traffic situation, in which everybody can be. Pretends, as you do in this particular case.

Alas, sloppy organization of traffic in Russia contributes to the formation of emergency situations, as they say, out of the blue. How many times in my eyes clashed, and quite serious, only in the absence of “pockets” (drag strip) for transport walking for a u-turn!

Imagine such a situation. On a wide street with a dividing strip you drive up to the place of turning, advance turning on the left turn signal. Moving toward a stream of cars to turn the move fails, we have to stop. Passing flow is also quite intense. What difficulties can arise in such a situation what will you do?

We offer you to vote for the best, in your opinion, the decision, and the possible scenarios we will consider on the next page.

9 Feb

Are you preparing for the reversal on the road with heavy traffic. What’s the safest way to carry out the maneuver?

1. To stay in the center of your row, opposite the gap separating strip, removing the front wheels to the left 2. To stay in the gap to turn, the maximum shifted to the left, but without leaving the counter, and through the mirror to monitor what is happening behind 3. To stay under the corner, drove about a meter and a half into the oncoming lane, waiting to complete to manevrirovali


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