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Why Blinker blinks three times: the mystery that you thought!

This function for many years, but still for many it is surprising.Cyril Mileshkin “Behind the wheel”

Triple flashing turn indicator with a light touch of the lever replaced the standard single in the early 2000-ies. Automakers have implemented it gradually. The pioneers were the Germans, in the 2010s feature has come to the Russian brands. A couple of years ago UAZ applied a similar principle for alarm: short double press of the “flashers” work three times. Did it with an eye to the Russian tradition to thank neighbors for flood hazard lights and called it a “polite driver”.

This three-time triggering of the turn signals ideal for rebuilds. Because of the almost straight path of the maneuver when the rudder is deflected from zero position by small angles, auto off indicator does not work. As a result, when the standard algorithm of the driver has further distracted from the management, holding the lever with your fingers or constantly while Cycling “flashers”. Of course, if he is polite and adequate. Hamam all the sophisticated brands of the a side.

Triple loop picked up by experience. The authors of the idea felt that this duration is enough to ensure that other motorists noticed the signal, and the car managed to change lanes (if not completely, then substantially). Indeed, in the vast majority of situations in time and to understand the downstream neighbor, and to meet with the maneuver, so the calculation was correct.

Three-blink is not written in any standard and are not mandatory. This is a common function which, because of their convenience was used by all. But the implementation is found different. For example, in Ladakh and other low-cost machines there is no choice: three times the flash always fires. On other models, the duration can be changed by connecting to an electronic brain. So, one of Mitsubishi was given a choice from one to five flashes. And the most simple variant I was found on Kia. He’s in the regular settings menu was options: one, three or five blinks.

Well, some owners age car even changing a wiring diagram and relays. The rare case where interference in the serial algorithm does not bear harm to others.

  • These secret functions of the car should know each driver!

Photo: UAZ

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