Why buyers of used cars stopped calling on ads

At the end of last year we heard complaints from those who want to sell a car that buyers in General have ceased to call on ads to sell a car. Though it does depend on where you placed the ad, while a year ago it was different. Cost to put your car for sale at a reasonable price, as immediately followed calls. And even then no one is trading. What is the reason? – understood the correspondent of our source.

“The market for b-cars have really changed a lot.” – we commented on the trend is a friend “buy up”. “We sell something very difficult. The market is full of cars “euromarch”, which forced down prices, and those who have the opportunity to go abroad, look for a car on the German site and bring themselves. Too lazy to go yourself, apply to the “deliverers” and they will bring anything. And buy a used car registration of Ukrainian prefer just an acquaintance, or when it is very low price.” – told us “outbid”.

It turns out that the number of applicants for new cars, have already been in the hands of our fellow citizens, is greatly diminished. From here and such a small number of calls on ads. In addition, not all realize that their car is not worth the amounts that they ask for. and, traditionally, waiting for spring when the demand for cars is always increasing. What will you do this spring? – no one knows. If the market is not clean “euronumber” at bargain prices, the decline will have everything.” – so says a representative, is engaged in resale of cars.

His words are confirmed by the statistics for the past year. As reported by our source, at the end of 2017 to the Ukrainian market came 59026 used cars, which is almost 3 times more than the year before. At the same time, the market for the domestic resale of used cars stagnating, and in many segments even decline. Thus, the entire growth of the market was actually only on “fresh” import used vehicles.
Similar trend was recorded by our source in the segment of light commercial vehicles (LCV). So, the import of used cars of LCV segment grew by 30% and reached 26241 pieces At the same time, the number of resale of used vehicles LCV segment for 2017 decreased by 4%.
The total number of imported used cars for 2017 made 85267 units to 39 thousand a year earlier.

As noted in our source, in 2017 for the first time in many years was recorded the situation when the import of used vehicles (cars + LCVполной weight up to 3.5 t) almost reached the index of the new car market. For comparison, sales in 2017 of new passenger cars amounted to 80271 PCs, and the implementation of auto LCV segment – 7363 pieces in Total were sold in Ukraine – 87634 PCs.

In addition, a large flow of used imports had already begun to cause difficulties with the implementation of cars in the domestic market. So, a number of brands import “fresh” auto b-u already dominates the sales of the brand of the existing fleet of cars in Ukraine. Yet, this trend has affected not all, but in recent months many owners have experienced trouble selling their cars in Ukraine.

If you look at the volume and range of transactions with second-hand cars over the past year, the supply of “fresh” second-hand imports significantly inhibit resale of the same car, and sometimes make it impossible without a significant price reduction.

According to our source, ZAZDaewoo Lanos has lost its position as the most sold car in the secondary market in Ukraine and by the end of 2017 moved into second place. And became the best selling VW Passat, though 4899 of these cars were imported and sold 9683 PCs from the existing fleet. The third place on popularity in the secondary market has taken a Skoda Octavia. Of the trends this year in our source note 8-place Renault Megane, which pushed the popularity of the Chevrolet Aveo.

Statistics of sales of cars in Ukraine in 2017. The ranking of the most popular models

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