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Why do I honk back? And what to do about it?!

There is no such drivers who never honk back… Well, except that those on the Ferrari. But let us understand what you want these impatient.


A couple of weeks ago I had a rather unpleasant situation. Suschevsky Val street, in pretty heavy traffic I suddenly realized that rent the air horns are not addressed to anyone but me personally. Soon a huge black Porec hanging for some time at me in the mirror, abruptly taxied to the right, then violently squeezed in front of me and, according to the laws of the genre, with power moved the brakes. The figure behind the wheel violently waved in my direction with his hands, turning 180 degrees…

Stand… after some time I tried to go round but the maneuver was repeated — again, tires squealing, smashing on the brakes and not budge.

In the end the seat of Poraka disembarked and walked to me. No, the massacre I wasn’t scared — it was a puny creature of the male sex, barely standing on his feet. But the car was in advance sorry for this scum could spoil anything. And Porshakov he has, apparently, not alone.

It was really frustrating… but the story I remember with the sole purpose — to understand something about those kind people that someone is humming.

Why honk at me?

Let’s start with the people who are really good and educated. They also sometimes can get to honk the horn, but the causes which impel them to such a thing, is usually very respectful.

  • Something happened with the car and you are trying to report it. For example, a flat tire, opened the trunk, or the hatch fuel filler, license plate falls off, falls out of some cargo — you never know…
  • You just lost the trailer, but have not yet realized this…
  • You want to meet… Option — you are already familiar with, and riding behind just trying to attract your attention.
  • You are a little bit “fell asleep” on the traffic light has switched to green. However, often in these cases, the back is not the single pipemania, and the choir of horns, but the offense is still nothing. The green still need to go to you and to others. Consider you do not got nasty, and just helped…

I’m bloodthirsty, I’m merciless…

There are other breeds of good people. They are annoying everyone and everything. For such one time sold a megaphone on the roof, allowing them to speak in all Ivanovo with the use of appropriate idiomatic expressions. The General cause of discontent, as a rule, is simple — you disturb them:

  • going too slow
  • stopped at yellow
  • forward arrows, and he needs directly
  • too long to turn onto the main road, passing trucks, having the advantage
  • pass pedestrians
  • slow down in settlements
  • stopped in front of a tram stop
  • according to behind, did not show him due respect for a couple of quarters ago

So what to do?

There is no single recipe. In the Network we often see tips like “let him obhoditsya I specially on brake presses!” Believe me, this could end badly. And for your car and for you personally. If you trample stoned inadequate (like the one I mentioned at the beginning), the mood, he can spoil very much. And well, if only the mood. Various road showdown with the massacre be shown on TV every day — do not rush to get into this story.

The great principle of DDD (Give way to the Fool, if someone does not know), a long time will not lose relevance. With such personalities as the movie Terminators, you can not negotiate — unless, of course, you are wolf messing.

For myself, I have developed several rules that help to avoid contact with such creatures:

  • Never occupy the left lane, even if you are moving with a maximum speed. There is always a character who is convinced that she needs to go faster. Let him go…
  • Never try to arrange such competitions like “who’s who”
  • Never buzz unless absolutely necessary. By the way, SDA is allowed to do it only in two cases (clause 19.10). Remember, what is it? If not then here:

19.10. Sound signals may be used only:

  • to alert other drivers the intention to make overtaking outside built-up areas;
  • in cases where this is necessary to prevent traffic accidents.

Why do I honk?

We proceed from the fact, incidentally, that all that is written above, you is irrelevant. Well, or one or two points, when you just in a bad mood happened.

When overtaking I buzz never had. But to prevent accidents, alas. Once managed to Wake the obviously sleeping cage, which on an empty highway shifted into the oncoming lane. To predict the trajectory it was impossible, but it seems that the heart-rending signal still worked. Sometimes I give light gudochki the one who falls asleep on a green… More honking pedestrians in hoods, who calmly wander across the street away from the crosswalk. Well, everything, I guess. If someone wants to add to the list — ask to participate.

Everyone who was humming or buzzing someone, please share your experience about sound signals, proper behavior and good mood on the road. Good luck driving and in life!

P. S. by the Way about Porshce… then I was lucky. I opened the window, pretending to calm (which actually was not). The creature approached, I saw in the hands of my passenger cell phone, which she was taking pictures of his car, and said:

— Shcha I will take it!

I thought about it and polite as possible asked:


The creature was surprised. Then went back to Porec for a minute or so constantly in place, then he hits the gas and disappeared in the tunnel…

Why do I honk back? And what to do about it?!Why do I honk back? And what to do about it?!Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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