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Why Europeans love diesels, and we — no?

The situation is really funny: in different parts of the world have developed a completely different attitude to the diesels. But why?Revin Alex “driving”the ExpertKolodochkin Michael “at the wheel”Expert

Something similar was once said Lev Gumilev, saying that in the same situation, the German, Russian and Georgians will behave completely differently. Anyone interested in the details, let them read the book “Ethnogenesis and biosphere of the Earth.” And we’ll talk about the uneven views on diesels. Maybe here and blame the solar storm?

A long time ago

History of the diesel engine for passenger cars and small vans travelling in Europe began even before the Second world war. Ahead, as usual, was “the mechanics of all of Europe” by the Germans. And the first evaluated the efficiency and reliability of diesel cars the most demanding and the most tight-fisted exploiters — the taxi drivers.

Mercedes with a diesel engine back in the thirties of the last century used to work in a taxi.Mercedes with a diesel engine back in the thirties of the last century used to work in a taxi.

The raging world war II, flooding the blood of three continents, at the same time showed the advantages of diesel engines. Almost all our tanks had significantly less risk of fire due to the use of diesel fuel.

T-34 best tank of the Second world war largely due to the diesel engine-2.T-34 best tank of the Second world war largely due to the diesel engine-2.

But diesel cars have not been. Domestic production before the war and after was largely focused on overseas partners, and those in their canseco and yowah about car diesel engines even didn’t want to hear.

Can you imagine under his hood diesel?Can you imagine under his hood diesel?

And what about Europe? Recovered from the ruins of war, she initially village very much in small cars, where the diesel would be funny.

Here diesel is not only inappropriate, but will not fit.Here diesel is not only inappropriate, but will not fit.

But then the German, French and Italian automakers denser became engaged in diesel engines.

Eighties in Europe, the typical unification of fuel equipment. Most of the market captured his famous Bosch c fuel pumps VE, and only part of the market belonged to the Lucas pumps are often standardized at the fixing points.

Injection pump Bosch Votd

In our opinion, this was the Golden age of the European diesel industry. Highly reliable and durable fuel equipment together with the engines (almost “one million”), and laid the groundwork for the very positive attitude of Europeans towards the engines on diesel fuel. The engines were so simple that in principle could drive at all without power supply. On the environment, then special attention is not paid, and normal dizelek of those times smoked within reasonable limits.

Gorky automobile plant exported the Volga diesel Peugeot Indenor.Gorky automobile plant exported the Volga diesel Peugeot Indenor.

Volzhsky automobile plant in the design of the diesel engine motors on the basis of the “classics.” One of the authors in the beginning of 90-ies of the last century even had a chance to ride on normal with mean “five”, but with a-liter diesel engine and even the fuel equipment of domestic development.

AZLK in its heyday, was engaged as testing of imported diesel engines and production of the family domestic units on heavy fuel. By the way, in those days of diesel dream of many car owners — and not because I understood any nuances, and at a more banal reason… the roads were worn Trucks with huge fuel tanks — it is not surprising that many wanted to pour out a bucket-more… in addition, everyone was convinced that when diesel fuel will be no problem to buy at the gas station, and even then its cost is much lower than the ’76 and’ 93…

The ending is known. Because political changes in the early nineties of the last century led to the collapse of the domestic development of diesel engines, and the plant itself. Childhood dream has come true: the shaft is highly used and used cars from Europe flooded our markets. The owners of these diesels then sincerely believed, that they pulled the lucky ticket. And even with those low fuel prices they tried to refuel at the depot who fuel “diesel locomotive”, who “chimney Solarium”. And then wondered why Pets are near the Europeans — diesels — break after several thousand kilometers on our vast.

And even then, our country began the first wave of dislike of diesel.

The present century

The modern diesel engine — not the one that was described above. Complex systems control fuel injection and operation of the turbocharging system… Yes, a modern diesel is sure to be turbocharged, unlike his ancestors of the eighties, when just beginning to use the boost passenger diesels. The higher fuel pressure used in common rail system, cause the fuel injection equipment of a modern engine is very important and absolutely non-repairable.

However, it’s not so bad. If pampered Europeans considered a national calamity fallen snow and temperatures just below zero, in Russia the thermometers show far more “strong” degree. And our examination of diesel, which we traditionally hold in December, always end the same conclusion, saying that “Someone somewhere sometimes honestly do not want to live”… in Other words sold for quite a decent-looking gas station diesel fuel becomes turbid, thickens and turns into a hulking boulder in the ordinary household freezer! If you have all gas stations have the required certificates. Gasoline on the Russian cold does not care, but dizelevozy forced to pretend that the problem is far-fetched.

That’s not all. In a diesel car in winter cold frankly! Especially if the winter is not European, and normal, Russian. No, when the car goes, then everything is fine, but should slow down as the temperature becomes uncomfortable. High efficiency diesel shows the negativity of his character: the motor is like taking all the heat himself and doesn’t want to share it with Homo sapiens.

Well-known German company cool stained the reputation of all diesel vehicles.Well-known German company cool stained the reputation of all diesel vehicles.

The last drive of the diesel engines caused from overseas under the joyful yelps of “green”. To repeat for the umpteenth time the allegations against German and other automakers makes no sense: diesel accused of ecologicheski and engineers in the manipulation of data in order to give the desired level of emissions hazards for real. In the end, a number of companies, such as Volvo, said that new developments of diesel engines will no longer be. And enter the centre of many European cities, diesel is simply forbidden.

In General, the national question in unexpected ways to reshape the attitude towards diesels. Those obedient to the Germans begin to get rid of the “wrong” car, but Russia just can say: “Let’s go!” The salon sometime to heat, normal diesel fuel found — found, than to frighten.

The pros and cons

Briefly estimate the pros and cons of diesel cars for the Russians and the Europeans, will look roughly as follows.

For Europe:

  • advantages — efficiency, durability;
  • cons — the environment, the us sanctions

An example of the legendary reliability of a diesel engine for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.An example of the legendary reliability of a diesel engine for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

For Russia:

  • pros — “Targoviste” at low revs, appreciated by lovers of SUV; the relatively low cost of refills;
  • cons — problems with quality and low-temperature properties of the fuel; hard starting in low temperatures, a noticeable noise and unpleasant exhaust after a cold start; the high price of the car.

What do you think about this? Please speak up in the comments.

Why Europeans love diesels, and we — no?Why Europeans love diesels, and we — no?Photo: “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”

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