Why in Pidhirtsi decided to choose the utility equipment on the basis of IVECO

At the exhibition “CommunTech 2017” AMACO has introduced a number of new products on the basis of IVECO Daily. Here Agroprod the correspondent managed to communicate with the customer, compact, 8-CC truck company POURING on units IVECO Daily 72-150. From the exhibition the novelty will go to the village Pidhirtsi Obukhov district, Kyiv region and on Tuesday will start to work. And that is why Pidhirtsi chose this truck, Agripada told the village Head Sergei Kravchenko. As it turned out, the choice of new technology for the collection of household waste in Podgorecki rural Parliament came very meticulously. Now, the collection of household waste from the population is engaged in tractor MTZ-82 with the trailer, which goes through the village through the day and max can collect a single trailer. Moreover, neither of which sorting is not the issue. In the trailer throw anything. On other days the same tractor performs other work on the improvement of the village, so often, to make sure that garbage collection does not work. And tractor-trailer not everywhere can drive up and turn around, so the number of sites it just arrives.

In 2017 the budget of the village of Pidhirtsi appeared means that Podgoretska rural Parliament decided to send for the purchase of the truck. Started to analyze the various options and already inclined to buy large 10-cube trucks, but the manufacturer of municipal vehicles proposed to consider and compact 9-CC variant on the chassis of the IVECO Daily.

For the requirements of Other volume 23-Cuba waste which it can collect before pressing. In addition, the bunker production company POURING, allows you to unload the waste in standard containers (one or two), and make the waste packages. And in the future, and to unload the sealed containers.

Duty chassis IVECO Daily 72 is sufficient to implement such a garbage truck. And economical 3-liter turbodiesel with 150 HP with manual PTO, it is easy possible to implement and hydraulically actuated. At the same time, a garbage truck IVECO consumes very little fuel, almost 2 times less than in the larger units of machinery and significantly more economical than a tractor. In addition, the garbage truck VECO Daily is very compact, light, not high and will now be able to get to any area of the village.

As reported Agroprod Other village Head Sergei Kravchenko, now the collection of household waste in the village will be conducted more often. And with the help of new technology in Pidhirtsi want to implement separate collection of waste. For example, in one day to collect plastic, and another day of food waste, etc.

As noted in the POURING company – manufacturer of utility vehicles, the garbage truck was the most compact on the market “line”. It can transport 3 tons of waste (up to 9 m3), extruding them and equipped with an automatic tripper containers. Thanks to the installation of domestic bunker has been achieved and a reasonable price of 54,000 euros.

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