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Why not ride on bald tires contact better!

A worn tyre is almost as smooth as tyres for Motorsport. So why we are not allowed to have tyres with a remaining tread depth of 1.6 mm?Alexander Vinogradov “Behind the wheel”

— In the article “the contact patch of the tires — does it amount to?” said bald tires has less contact patch compared to the new. Weird. No wonder that the Formula 1 cars drive on bald tires!

Have bald tyres and tyres for Motorsport have almost nothing in common. Protector racing tires for dry roads has no grooves, besides, he has a very different composition of rubber. The coefficient of friction of the slick is much greater than one — and a half times higher than that of road cars. Besides slick when driving otherwise deformed and powered entirely by sticking to the road. For wet coating in the Formula 1 using intermediate or wet tires with drainage grooves. A road tyre for any weather.

Now about the contact patch. Tires that have tread grooves erased completely, was not considered, because the technical Regulations of the Customs Union prohibits the operation of vehicles with a residual tread depth of less than 1.6 mm. we were Talking about tires with worn tread. In motion the centrifugal force flexes the protector to the outside in cross section (similar to the situation when the tyre is pumped), and consequently decreases the contact patch.

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Photo: Zuma/TASS

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