Why Ukraine expensive gasoline

Nbeginning in mid-August the price of oil on world markets rose 15%, at the same time, the hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar and the Euro over the last three months dipped by almost 7% (about 2 HR). These two trends have led to a rise in fuel prices – the average cost of the most popular fuel, gasoline A95 has passed for 33 UAH. The share of margin of gas stations in the structure of fuel prices is relatively minor — from 7 to 14% depending on brand. Another 5-6% are logistics costs.

But there is good news – in recent days the hryvnia has strengthened by 20 kopecks in addition, after yesterday’s protests against fuel price hike, the government began to look for ways of reducing prices. It is no secret that 40% of the fuel market in Ukraine takes deliveries from Belarus. “The use of water and rail transport will reduce the tariff for transporting petroleum products on the territory of Ukraine and Belarus. So, it gives effect to the reduction in fuel prices in Ukraine”, — said Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Gennady Zubko.

What gas stations choose drivers?


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