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With flashing lights after two solid as in Moscow go to the beauty salon

Still, thanks to the Internet, many illegal actions are easy to expose. Concerned citizens is enough to remove a video clip and post it on the Internet. In this case, under the gun cameras of the DVR hit a police car.

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Meticulous motorist not lazy and waited until they spotted the lady on the police car arrived at the beauty salon, he comes out. And found that the inspectors (and there apparently were two) waited patiently for Madame, and then left, violating the traffic rules. “I conclude that the car was used for personal purposes while on duty”, — he reported together with the data of the police car Ford Focus in a call center of traffic police of the North-Western district of the capital. It is unclear what the consequences will be that signal, but, of course, the police will be forced to spend service check.

Recently, in a similar way came the enraged driver whom the inspectors had fined because he was nepristegnuty in the car, and themselves quietly went without straps, as if to them this rule does not apply. Video of the altercation with the police he also posted it on YouTube.

  • Even before the officials, deputies and artists were seen to use ambulances for personal travel. On the Internet, even published prices for such “services”. And do medical facilities have been tricky: the call is registered as leaving the patient with the goal of hospitalization as a landing — as a sudden refusal of admission.
  • In 2012, in the district of Tsaritsyno detained swindlers, trading on the fact that by purchasing a decommissioned ambulance provided transportation services for citizens.

Photo: YouTube

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