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With the Patriot tore the roof — Oise has made the SUV-convertible

Started Ulyanovsk automobile plant with SUV soft top that can be removed, turning the car into a convertible. But over time, open modifications have completely disappeared from the range, leaving only the UAZ hunter for export. But the company decided to turn into a convertible current flagship SUV, the Patriot.

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UAZ Patriot Patriot Kabrioletas Convertible

The first car was made on special request of the Namibian authorities as the front of the car for special occasions. It is possible to see that behind the front seats equipped stage and arc security have a soft lining that was comfortable for them to stay.

Until the company is ready to launch spazmolitiki convertible on the basis of the Patriot on the orders of defense agencies of various States for ceremonial events. Such machines have in the salon handrails for stability passengers, special interior trim and painting of the body.

Recently, the Ulyanovsk automobile plant received an order for production of several convertibles based on the UAZ Patriot from law enforcement agencies of neighbouring States, said the portal export Director of the plant Andrey Dorofeev. According to him, a year will gain at most a few dozen such orders, but the company is ready to production of cars and commercial market.

He also said that open SUVs would be in demand for safaris in countries with a warm climate, they can be used in entertainment parks or nature reserves.

  • However, the major revenue Ulyanovsk plant makes for a far more prosaic vehicles in the UAZ Profi, which recently acquired bi-fuel version.
  • The most luxurious and modern SUV, the convertible is considered to be the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landualet (it is open only rear). The latest instance of this machine was sold for 1.2 million euros.

With the Patriot tore the roof — Oise has made the SUV-convertible


With the Patriot tore the roof — Oise has made the SUV-convertible

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