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With what struggled on that and ran Muscovites are taking revenge against tow trucks

When Moscow authorities have launched an application for smartphones “Assistant of Moscow”, they clearly hoped that the conscious citizens will take part of the work of the Mahdi and will fix infringements of rules of a Parking and Parking for employees of the Department. But Muscovites began to record traffic violations by drivers of tow trucks.


In the Internet appeared the screenshot of the app “Assistant of Moscow”, in which an unknown user came reports that in his statements issued fines for Parking in the area of the sign “no Parking” as many as four tow trucks that were in Samara the alley next to the street Durova.

The wrecker is really very often defended on the small streets and alleys, and sometimes several hours — of course, with stalled engines off, lights flashing yellow. They take place in Parking lots, are on the Islands, and a couple of times met them even in the courts — snoring peacefully with drivers in the cockpits.

The social networks responded differently to some users immediately stated that it will also install the app and will be “hunting for crocodiles” (Moscow drivers call tow trucks green, uvozyaschy cars impounded), others say it’s window dressing and responsible drivers will not attract, others believe that the money for the fines will still go from the pocket of the drivers either from the budget of the city or the tow will move the impounded more cars.

In any case, the Moscow authorities clearly wanted to show that all are equal before law, and fines should teach drivers of tow trucks to Park in accordance with the Rules of the road.

  • A similar application launched in the Moscow region. However, there is possible to fix only Parking on lawns.
  • Shortly independently to fix the violations will not only in Moscow. The government has approved a bill that provides for the issuance of the decision on fines based on video taken by ordinary citizens.
  • Moscow authorities up to 2021 want to spend on the tow and paid Parking the budget of a Russian city.
  • Independent lawyer Ivan Hedgehogs calculated that the paid Parking bring only damages: the costs for development, exceeded revenues.

Photo: Valery sharifulin/TASS

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