With which automobile brand is not afraid to remain without a car at the time of repair. Ukrainian realities

To stay while repairs are without a car for many is a tragedy and continuous losses. But individual companies in the form of a bonus and to motivate you to apply it to a branded service, offering a replacement car. And such a nice service there, even for car owners key to secondary brands. our source found out the details.
Often (and this is logical) to expect a courtesy car while repairing his own, can the owners of cars of premium brands. However, not all and not always. And sometimes participants-assistance, which have some brands. Who in Ukraine can give the repair another car? – our source told automotive operators. Be aware of this information when buying the following brand.

Will there be enough in Ukraine at all.
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According to General Director of the company AutoCapital (Mercedes-Benz) Yaroslav the burned-on food, there is a program of Mercedes-Benz Mobilo. Among the conditions of the programme is the provision of a replacement car (including).

As reported by our source, the Director of the Department of after-sales service, “AWT Bavaria Ukraine” (BMW, MINI) Oleh Ovcharenko, the vehicle replacement service is available throughout the dealer network in the cases of loss of mobility customers with long-term warranty repairs.

In “Grand automotive”, said our source in the press service of the Corporation “UkrAVTO”, the brands of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, replacement car is not available. Brand Maserati cars available for the entire period of the repairs.

The company “Falcon Auto” (KIA) is already investigating the possibility of introducing this type of service to customers during the warranty period of vehicle operation. But so far no such service.

For the brands Opel and Chevrolet replacement car is not available.

Brand Ford Director of the company “winner imports Ukraine” Oleksiy Chayka told our source that the owners of Ford replacement car provided during repair. Primarily for warranty repairs. Second long commercial. The replacement car fleet is renewed every year.

Director of the Department of after-sales service “Renault Ukraine” Sergey Marchenko has informed our source that the project is the provision of a replacement vehicle in test mode, Renault recently launched in the cities. The client can provide replacement Renault, if the repair is a warranty case. If the case is not a guarantee or warranty is already finished, the car will be given on the terms of the lease. But in any case, Renault will not stay without a car.

According to the Director of the Department of Mazda, the company “Auto international” Yuliya Sivak, in the case of the warranty repair courtesy vehicle is available free of charge from the Park the relevant dealer. Although, objectively, not all the dealers are ready to provide this service, especially in small regions. But in “Auto international” strive to develop this service.

The Director of the Department of after-sales service of Mitsubishi Igor Eremenko told our source that in the framework of the MAP (Mitsubishi Assistance Package), a courtesy car is available for up to 5 working days. And some dealers have their own dealer program (free of charge in case of warranty repair).

As you can see, a replacement car in the official dealer network today provides its customers even a HUNDRED some key to secondary brands. And this, among other benefits – another good incentive to repaired it on the company’s service. Agree, it’s so convenient to take your car in for repair and until it is done, go to the courtesy car.

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Ukrainian realities
Only the realities of this service may differ from the idealistic picture that we have described above. From experience I can say that even the famous and expensive brands, this service may exist only on paper. No courtesy car they have, only they go the managers of the showroom at work and home. Therefore, if the vehicle you intend to return after 17: 00, you it can not be issued, saying that all the cars are gone.

According to the rules of one brand, a replacement may not be the car status (version) lower than that of the client. But it’s probably only in Germany. Because in Ukraine I can say: “Take what you have and say thank you.”

“Thank you,” really better to say, the fact that service managers in individual salons for some reason forget to offer for the reasons stated above. And remember about it only when the customer starts to insist. At least it is so behaved employees of one of the Kiev auto show, when our source was testing this service.

Not saying that effect everywhere, but in neighboring Russia, the clients of the same brand also complain about the “rating” of such services and practices to provide a replacement vehicle only up to 18-00.

But the secondary brand cars do give, which had not practiced. We have experienced this too and was left only positive impressions.

Of course, the human factor has not been canceled. And the situation may differ from dealership to dealership. Therefore, ask and demand. Tell me about your experience of using a replacement car in the comments to this article in FB or in our forum.

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