Would-be father drove 100 miles and missed calls, 48 from the police, forgetting their children at the gas station

Male success to come to Austria.

A German accidentally left their two daughters at a gas station during a road trip to Italy. He drove over 100 miles and have not heard 48 calls from the police.
The man realized the problem only when I was already in Austria.

The family went on the lake Garda from the city of Sochi in the Western part of Germany to celebrate Easter.

It is known that the driver stopped to refuel near Munich, reports The Times. After service he got into his vehicle Volkswagen. At this time his children were in the bathroom. They were waiting for a father half an hour, then went to the police.

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The mother is also a long time could not get through. When the woman woke up, gave the phone to my husband. In General, the man called more than 90 minutes. It took more than three hours, while the children met with their father.

“We don’t know about the family consequences that he had,” police said.

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