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X factor: the new dangerous opponent Lada XRAY — Kia Rio X-Line

In Russia is gaining momentum fashion pseudoclosure. Sale comes cross-hatchback Kia Rio X-Line, which turned out to be more expensive than the main competitors, but better equipped.

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“Raised” hatchbacks generally chosen as an affordable alternative to more expensive crossovers. Such pseudoclosure gaining more and more popularity among Russian motorists, and manufacturers rush to occupy a very promising niche.

The ancestor class can rightly be called the Renault Sandero Stepway, which appeared in our country in late 2010 and mid-2014 is available in the new generation. Based on this model were developed and the current segment leader — Lada XRAY, which sales started in February last year. Today these models dominated the market pseudocrossidium in Russia. And to compete with them called a new cross hatchback Kia Rio X-Line, whose production is established in the factory Hyundai-Kia in Saint-Petersburg. It is virtually indistinguishable from Kia K2 Cross, presented earlier in the China market. The novelty is already available for order from dealers and from 14 November will go on sale.

New Rio X-Line comes from the traditional hatchback of this model in the previous generation. Kia Rio sedan new generation, recall, available from August this year.

Kia Rio X-lineKia Rio X-line

As told to “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation” in the Russian office of Kia, today Russia is a market of sedans and crossovers. Traditional hatchbacks have their place, but the potential of their sales restricted. For example, in the volume of sales of the family the Kia Rio previous generation hatchback, the share did not exceed 20%. So with the change of generations of Kia Rio potential customers offered the concept of piatigorski with increased ground clearance and look of a crossover. Studies have shown that in Russia for cross-hatchback there is a significant potential demand.

“The segment of compact crossovers and pseudocrossidium lately is very popular, and the market of hatchbacks class B+ and C significantly shrunk. Therefore, the launch of the new generation Rio, Kia has made a choice in favor of cross-version,” notes the analyst GK “the auto world” Alexey Kuzmich.

In comparison with the base Rio sedan X-Line was increased to 170 mm ground clearance and adapted the suspension settings from the external differences in the protective plastic body kit, roof rails and 16-inch alloy wheels. Motor gamma cross-hatchback and sedan are the same: petrol engines of 1.4 liters (100 HP) and 1.6 liters (123 HP), paired with a 6-speed manual transmission or 6-band gun.

Rio X-Line is available in eight specifications at a price of 774 thousand 900 rubles to 1 million 024 thousand 900 rubles. Thus, it was 30 thousand rubles more expensive sedan Rio in the same equipment. By the way, unlike chetyrehdverki the novelty is missing from the launch version of the Classic, although the market of Belarus. Will there be a Rio X-Line in the “classic” version in our country is unknown.

Price — higher ground clearance — below

The main competitors of the new cross hatchback Rio in the Kia think of Lada XRAY and Renault Sandero Stepway. This new product was more expensive than these models, but better equipped: VAZ pseudoclosure costs from 600 thousand to 831 thousand rubles, “the Frenchman” — from 650 thousand to 796 thousand rubles.

As says General Director of “Autospeccentre Kia North” Zaur Sokolov, the difference in price in comparison with competitors — rather, it is the fee for the high quality, rich equipment and comfort. “The absolute advantage of Rio X-Line is a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer, a more modern range of engines, equipped with a double system of variable valve timing and 6-speed manual and automatic transmission. As for the XRAY, then it installed robotic 5-speed transmission, which does not enjoy the confidence of Russian consumers from the point of view of reliability, on the Stepway — 4-band machine, which is also already pedestral. In addition, for cross-hatchback Rio modern options available, which do not have competitors, — Keyless access to the salon, tire pressure sensor, trim in fabric, heated steering wheel and rear seats, etc.,” says Zaur Sokolov.

In turn, General Director of “PLT Avtotsentr Kupchino” Vladimir Isaev said that the Lada XRAY among their “relatives” stands out, above all, the ratio quality/price, as well as equipment specifications for a lower price. In addition, X-ray and Sandero Stepway higher ground clearance — as much as 195 mm. According to experts, in addition to these models a new cross hatchback from Kia will also have to compete with Hyundai Creta, Lifan X50 and Lada Kalina Cross.

New Rio X-Line certainly will press the leadership of Lada XRAY and Renault Sandero Stepway and could compete for the title of best seller in the segment of pseudocrossidium. With the release of new products in the Kia also expect to strengthen the leadership of the model Rio, which today is the most selling car in our country. According to estimates by the Korean company, the share of cross-hatchback Rio line sales can reach 30%, while the hatchback of the previous generation took no more than 20%. As stated by the “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation”, the press service of Hyundai-Kia in Saint Petersburg, distribution of production volumes of specific models will depend on market demand. In General, the total capacity is 200 thousand cars per year, with the brands of Hyundai and Kia divide it roughly in half with a small priority for Hyundai. This year Rio new X-Line produced in St. Petersburg will be shipped to Belarus, but the Russian market remains a priority for the plant.

Attracting attention

According to consultant Frost & Sullivan Ivan Kondratenko, Kia Rio X-Line has a chance to disperse in the volume of 30-40 thousand cars a year and seriously knock the position of the XRAY and Sandero Stepway, so you can expect a hot battle for leadership in the segment. “Undoubtedly, the variety of models in the Rio range will revive demand and would allow to achieve the best sales results. The sedan will still have a dominant share of about 65%. Assessing consumer audience, I would have assumed that the cross hatchback will be more popular among younger drivers who enjoy active drive, while the sedan will prefer drivers with experience, who need more space in the cabin and in the trunk,” — says the expert.

Kia Rio X-lineKia Rio X-line

The output of the Kia Rio X-Line on the Russian market, will certainly attract the attention of many customers, which should lead to a high demand for this model and a General increase in the market share segment of pseudocrossidium, adds Mr Fox.

It is worth noting that the market is “elevated” hatchbacks are also present Chinese model. This Lifan X50 value of from 620 thousand to 723 thousand rubles, and DFM h20 Cross, which today is the most affordable offer in the segment — from 600 thousand to 709 thousand. Thus, according to the “Dongfeng Motor Rus”, the greatest demand this car is in top configuration with the automatic, which includes climate control, rear view camera, Parking sensors, cruise control etc. However, the DFM dealers still sell last year’s machine, offering them substantial discounts.


Lifan X50 X50Lifan

Renault Sandero Sandero Stepway StepwayRenault

As told to “Behind the wheel.Of the Russian Federation” Director of marketing “Dongfeng Motor Rus” Elena Rashevskaya, in order to keep the price of DFM h20 Cross attractive for the Russian market, deliveries were only cars 2016 release. Next year this model should replace the new pseudoclosure — DFM AX3, with a similar functionality, but more “fresh” in terms of design and options.

However, in conditions of tightening competition in the segment of pseudocrossidium “Chinese” will be difficult to achieve much success. According to Zaur Sokolov, in addition to attractive prices, Chinese cars can’t offer many competitive advantages such as availability, maintainability in the regions, the liquidity in the secondary market, not to mention some quality problems.

To rise above the ground

In the era of crossovermaniac the mass car manufacturers are gradually moving away from the traditional hatchbacks in Russia, replacing them with pseudocrossidium. The target audience of these machines is the youth and residents of big cities, which are important for an impressive appearance and increased permeability of the car. The high ground clearance is needed mainly for bad roads and convenient Parking in an urban environment and trips “into nature”, where not required properties of a real SUV. Therefore, “elevated” hatchbacks are an attractive alternative for many who can’t afford crossover. According to AVTOVAZ, the majority of consumers are switching on these cars with the base models (on the basis of which the cross-version) as well as other models of segment B. Among buyers of pseudocrossidium marked inflow and the used machinery market. The greatest interest of this class calls the owners of hatchbacks and station wagons.

As noted in the press service of Kia Motors Rus, the popularity of cross-hatchbacks is that this car managed to combine all requirements of the Russian customer in the mass segment. Designed in the style of crossover allows people to fulfill their dream and impress on the road. The increased ground clearance makes it comfortable to Park and drive on roads of varying quality. While the car is still available, making it a great alternative to a crossover segment B-SUV.

“Of course, one of the main factors is the combination of relatively low prices and off-road performance. Most of the customers are people who when buying a car take into account the everyday realities of Russian roads and our climate. This segment is suitable for almost everyone, especially who in the past and present goes on sedans, hatchbacks and station wagons class B. I am Sure that the demand for pseudoclosure will only grow and may reach its maximum in the shortest period. The Kia Rio X-Line very soon we will see the real potential demand for cars in this class,” says Mr Fox.

X factor: the new dangerous opponent Lada XRAY — Kia Rio X-Line

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X factor: the new dangerous opponent Lada XRAY — Kia Rio X-Line

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