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Xenon or led — which is better and cheaper?

The success of led lamps is, in many ways, a tribute to modern fashion. But they have real advantages over xenon.Michael Kolodochkin “driving”ExpertAlexey Revin “driving”Expert

Just yesterday steeper xenon was nothing. Envied him, his “colosio” and was fined. Indeed, compared with galogenki the roadway was illuminated by xenon almost perfectly. About disadvantages (besides price, of course), no one thought.

Meanwhile, the disadvantages of the xenon are. These lamps are relatively slowly inflame — horn xenon is almost impossible. The xenon is superior in durability to conventional galogenki, but lost today in this parameter LEDs. These lamps are harmful to the glass as its UV radiation — especially in lisovanim Farah, where they burn the already small surface.

In separate sources, in addition, it is noted that the electronic converters for such lights interfere with onboard electronics and interfere with the radio.

Against this background, it turns out that the LEDs win one wicket. And even their tall price proving to be not so outrageous to take at least the fact that the led lights included in the basic equipment Renault Arcana.

Of the disadvantages is that the risk of freezing lights: LEDs are extremely hot in their rear part, but the spotlight almost nothing. However, the cost of repairing such lights is also the advantages do not carry. This brings to mind outdated cheap galogenki, which is both illuminated and warmed.

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