You go to jail, and you don’t speed up!

Ethe 48-year-old citizen of Germany several years as head of engineering unit of Volkswagen in Michigan, to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, and is one of eight defendants in the United States under the diesel scandal. He was arrested by the FBI in early January in the Miami airport trying to escape to Germany.

On the totality of the charges Schmidt threatened to 169 years in prison, but he made a deal with the investigation and admitted his guilt. In the result the district court in Detroit sentenced a German man to seven years in real prison term and pay a fine in the amount of $400 thousand.

Earlier, on December 3, Schmidt appealed to the U.S. court with a letter, which contained serious accusations against his employer. He claimed that Volkswagen more than 10 years to hide manipulations with the software by typing it in confusion. “Long sleepless nights I reread the report folders and realized that my bosses who told me that he learned about the fraud, not before I really knew about them for many, many years,” wrote Schmidt.

Recall that diesel scandal broke in September 2015, when the us Agency for environmental protection (EPA) revealed that the company installed in its vehicles with diesel engines program, Senigallia the emission of harmful substances. The actual emissions in some cases, exceeded the permissible norm in 40 times. Losses associated with “desligada” has cost Volkswagen more than $ 19 billion.

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