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“You have a call from the service”: a new feature of ERA-GLONASS

Automakers agreed to the proposal of fatrm to use the system ERA-GLONASS to inform car owners about the need to come to a service station for works in the framework of surveys campaigns.

2015 Rosstandart disseminates information about surveys campaigns brands: all firms are required to send the Agency information on voluntary service campaigns.

However, Rosstandart say that, despite the assistance of the media, information still comes to all car owners. At the end of last year was requested to inform the owners through a system of ERA-GLONASS and enter information in the electronic title.

Recall that today the ERA-GLONASS is mandatory for all sold new and imported used cars. Accordingly, the number of such cars in our country increased. Held in Rosstandart meeting this initiative was supported by the automakers.

“The increase in the number of vehicles with ERA-GLONASS, whose data are entered into the system e-title in the foreseeable future will make information about surveys programs as accessible as possible for consumers. It will also be another measure to enhance road safety”, — said the Deputy head of Rosstandart Alexey Kuleshov.

This year the project will be tested in pilot mode with voluntary participation of several manufacturers. The data in the electronic title will be made from July 1, 2018, the agreement with the system operator, the company “Electronic passport”, Rosstandart has been achieved.

Refused Rosstandart and from creating an online service through which motorists can “break” your car on the subject of whether he got under revocable campaign. He will need to enter the VIN number of the car, then the system will display all the information. The Department promised that this service will work during this year.

  • Recently it became known how many times it took the intervention of emergency services when triggered, the system ERA-GLONASS.
  • Information about declared brands surveys campaigns can be found here.

Photo: “Behind the wheel”

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