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Your personal autodiagnos: he’ll need the steering wheel and your seat

Can you imagine the day when on the way to work the car will measure your blood pressure, pulse and determine the level of sugar in the blood? But in vain — that day is near.Elena Alekseeva


Future cars no one is seasick

The car of the future is unpredictable, no one ever really knows what it will be, but he was willing to attribute new properties. If cars and health were not previously connected to each other, and in the future must change.

Imagine going you’re driving, nothing really hurts, but the rotten mood, and nice voice informs you: do you know, dear owner, what a pulse you have too frequent, and the level of cholesterol it would be nice to test in the near future. Go-ka you’re still comfortable, and I’ll just turn down the lights, will include relaxing music and starts the massage function. Of course, this will run the function auto-pilot.

To determine the status of the driver the main role will play the steering wheel, because here you can have permanent direct skin contact. But car seats are also suitable for use in critical monitoring. For example, integrated in the seat measurement system of the electrocardiogram can check the functioning of the heart.

Moreover, the car is optional all of the data driver to measure yourself, though something and it needs to be able to. The machines will be able to contact and obtain information from other devices, such as smart bracelet or watch, and to access services in “smart” house. Of course, if it is connected.

It is known that Audi is preparing the application for the driver Fit Driver: the system will analyze various parameters of health of the person sitting behind the wheel, and advice on how to improve health at the moment.

And indeed, the connection between the driving and the wellbeing of the driver in the future seems logical. An example of this was the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. In 2017, the world premiere of Energizing Comfort Control system in a luxury vehicle. Special equipment includes a variety of comfort features in the car. The system uses certain parameters air conditioning (including the flavoring) and comfort seats (heated, ventilated, massage), lighting, etc. and allows depending on the needs of the passengers to create a special Wellness atmosphere in the salon.

“Motor health” — the name of the new direction of the automobile, which will connect the mobility and health, the authors explain the ideas of Mustafa Addam, Manfred Knie and David Matusiewicz. Ideally, the task of automotive digital health to make the driver got out of the car more fresh and vigorous than it was going down.

And of course, an important feature of “Car health” will be a primary disease driver and passengers. And developers are not altruists, they intend to make a profit. Because people increasingly seek to monitor their health, and time for patient investigation they have less and less.

A survey among German drivers showed that the functions of Automotive Health in the car ready to use by 37%, and 44% chose the answer “maybe.”

  • And, for example, the all-new Toyota will be able to switch to transmission mode “Parking” and turn off the engines.


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