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Yura, you’re wrong! — as detained a drunken dare

Motorist several miles pursued by a drunken motorist before they were able to take him up to the police. He did not understand why he was detained and deprived of the machine.

One of the motorists paid attention to the strange behavior of the driver who was driving the station wagon Audi. He went uncertainly, and then, when the author of the video he was overtaken, added gas dispersed so that drove into the fence, but, without stopping, continued on. Suspecting something was amiss, the author of the video began to chase the man in the Audi, and when he slowed down to celebrate small need, finally convinced that he was not just drunk, but is in a poor condition. (See video here). Concerned motorist called the police about a drunken man and followed his car until the detention. Fortunately, the man apparently wanted to “add,” and he turned to the shop, but a motorist won a few minutes before the arrival of police.

When the patrol managed to detain the driver, he was so drunk that it is difficult to understand the police, who asked him to blow into a tube, at the same time was very angry with the partial owner, with which he was detained.

“Well I was afraid for you,’ said the boozer conscious car owner. — You yourself properly behaved! — though to explain in what it consisted, I couldn’t.

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Photo: YouTube

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