10 reasons to pay attention to the crossover Renault Kadjar

Correspondents our source previously tested compact crossover C-class, Renault Kadjar. And every time the Kadjar something “catches”. The striking design, the “smart” helpers or moderate appetite. But every time we found something new. our source decided to assemble these “clues” together, and at the same time found a dozen reasons to once again record the Renault Kadjar to your wish list.

Crossover Renault Kadjar is already presented on the Ukrainian market. However, sales is slightly inferior to the famous classmates. It seems that the novelty simply underestimated the Ukrainian buyers. Or they are not fully learned all the features from the most expensive. Therefore, we give 10 reasons why, in our opinion, should pay attention to the Renault Kadjar choosing the crossover C-class. Will not bore readers with long descriptions of the vehicle and its characteristics. All this can be read in detailed tests. We focus only on the facts.

Test drive Renault Kadjar: Another Qashqai
Test drive Renault Kadjar: Emotions at the junction of opposites

On the test we got the diesel version of the crossover Renault Kadjar with motor 1,5 l dCi 110 HP and robotized 6-speed transmission EDC6 dual clutch in Intense top-end configuration front-wheel drive. So, let’s begin.

1. Full LED headlights
We had the opportunity to travel a lot at night. It would seem – the usual case. But the headlights in the Renault Kadjar completely not only led, but also smart. They are able to independently switch the dipped to the main beam and Vice versa. It’s pretty obvious, but still not blind oncoming drivers. An indispensable thing for night trips. But more recently a “chip” was available only to premium sedans with German registration.

2. Efficiency
Our Renault Kadjar is equipped with a diesel engine dCi 1.5 l 110 HP With this unit Renault promises acceleration to hundred in 12 s. Figures are quite modest. But the flip side of the coin is the efficiency of the diesel engine, which are declared 4.3 l/100 km (highway) to 5.4 l/100 km (in the city). And it is practicable to achieve. For example, when driving on the highway at a speed of 100-110 km/h it is possible to fit in 5-5,5 l / 100 km In the city we were placed in rate to 6 l / 100 km.

But, if the pressure on the “trigger” do not hesitate, Renault Kadjar will not ruin. The maximum that we managed to nageki is 7.6 l/100 km (and that’s with a full load).

In addition, the 1.5-liter diesel engine Renault is the most popular among buyers not only model the most expensive, but also for all Renault models. Its share in Ukraine accounted for more than 70% of all sold cars of the brand. Parts for it are everywhere and they are not expensive.
As the saying goes, thousands of customers can’t be wrong 🙂

3. Consultant save
But if you set a goal to save fuel, Renault offers an individual consultant, though his services are already included in the price of cars. Don’t worry, it’s not annoying teacher of driving, and, alas, not a young “teacher”. He is virtual. On the screen of the multimedia system Renault Kadjar will be continuously displayed reminder of how much emissions of harmful substances you are thrown into the atmosphere and what is the distance traveled without consuming fuel. Very motivating! But even if that’s not enough, in the mode of “Learning Eco” Kadjar will assess your skills in economical driving and give a number of useful recommendations. I wish this was a living graduate of the faculty of Economics. But…

We used them. Thanks to the range on a full tank we have exceeded 1000 km, and the system Start/Stop is additionally helped to save fuel in the city.

4. Honest ground clearance is 200 mm
Often called crossover cars with a ground clearance of almost 160 mm as the Zhiguli, but the norm for this class of steel 180 mm. Renault Kadjar honest, ground clearance – 200 mm. It is quite enough for Parking in the city on any edge and travel to nature.

But good clearance in the Arsenal of the Renault Kadjar you are present and honest full-size spare wheel (not a “stowaway”, and do not spray with glue). What are less likely to be found in modern cars. Believe me, this should not be neglected. What we were able to see, punctures the wheel on a long trip.

5. Electronic AIDS
Today the range is available in car options and assistance systems is no surprise. More surprising is the cost of a stuffed car. Renault Kadjar (in box Intense) already includes all useful options at a reasonable price. Many of them have recently been available only in business class. Note works fine and actually necessary in the road tracking system for dead zones, control system tire pressure, Parking sensors with rear view camera and Parking assist, a navigation system and a clever multimedia system R-Link2, the access system card key “hands-free”, etc.

6. Automatic Parking brake
Electronic “handbrake” is no surprise. But Renault Kadjar he is also “smart”. Everything works fully automatically. When installing the transmission in the mode “P” (Parking) and take your foot off the brake pedal, the Parking brake is applied. Which is signaled by the corresponding indicator. Conversely, as soon as the Renault Kadjar takes off “hammer” the power of thought is disconnected. Such a “mode for blondes” in action.

7. Quality trim
Interior Renault Kadjar simple at first glance, but doesn’t look austere. And it is easy to operate. Plastic soft, is combined with inserts made of different materials and leather stitched with white thread. Thanks to the chrome inserts, the engine start button and a large 7-inch screen multimedia system, inside a pleasant atmosphere. And you can configure it. Not only by position adjustment of the steering wheel and seats, of which there are many, but do only your most expensive mood. How? – read the following paragraph.

8. Individualization
Many motorists want their vehicle was unique or stood out. Why go for any sort of refinements or tuning. Sometimes rather doubtful. For owners of the Renault Kadjar you the option of individuality is already included. We are talking about the possibility of setting the color of the instrument panel and the backlight, and the type and configuration of the instrument dials (displaying the tachometer, speedometer, etc.) with the mood and preferences of the driver. Almost like in premium cars Like the Range Rover Velar. And all this is available in the car in the medium price range.
Bright thing! And in the truest sense – bright.

9. Design
It’s safe to say that the design of the Renault Kadjar you clearly failed. The designers were able to create a recognizable and beautiful style with muscular forms, a raised hood and his “face”. Bonus in design (for our equipment) are full-led and Full-LED headlights, making the crossover even more modern. Feed also looks cool. In General, look, the most expensive is worth it.

10. Price and best installment
But looking closely, one can see that among other things the most expensive, Like most Renault models, has an interesting price positioning. But together with the rich set, makes it even more competitive. Our Renault Kadjar in top configuration (except AWD) is available for 720 724 UAH. (discount price for vehicles beginning in 2017 of production). In General, the price tag on the most expensive starts with 561 thousand UAH!

Well, there is another powerful argument to draw attention to the Renault Kadjar is the possibility of buying a crossover just under 0.01% per annum (i.e. in installments) for 2 years in local currency. Tempting, isn’t it?

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