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100 million violations! So much we’ve done in 2019

Among the most common traffic violations — speeding, failure to comply with road signs or markings, journey on forbidding signal of the traffic light.Elena Alekseeva


Fines for speeding want to increase in 6 times

Drivers and pedestrians in the past year, more than 100 million times violated traffic rules, the Agency TASS, citing Russia’s interior Ministry. Most drivers exceed the speed, do not comply with requirements of road signs or markings, passing on forbidding signal of the traffic light. Among other violations — improper positioning of the vehicle on the road, not using seat belts or no helmet. Violation of the rules of tinting is also included in the list of the common “guilty” motorists.

For comparison: in 2018 the traffic police identified 131 million traffic violations, but the three most common were the same.

  • The interior Ministry plans to change the rules of the examination and wants to get permission to pre-test drivers for intoxication with proximity detector alcohol or paper narkotest for the rapid analysis of saliva.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS

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