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+19 km/h?! With our habits in Europe to go don’t!

Russian long harness, but quickly go. But because, we are told, it is necessary to restrict speed limits on some roads and reduce nestrashnye the speed threshold (now it is +19 km/h) — just to be “in Europe”. In fact, in Europe, all very different.Sergei Zinoviev “Behind the wheel”

Europe adheres to the constraints “50” in the settlements and “90” out of them. Nacelink the exception of Albania — there is allowed a limit of “40”! In some countries there are exemptions; for example, in Polish cities at night (from 23:00 to 05:00) the speed limit is 60 km/h.

For country roads in some countries the limit is set to “80” (Switzerland, Finland, Serbia, Norway), and other default valid “hundred” (Germany, Austria, Poland — on the roads with number of lanes in one direction more than two).

Belgium is divided into two unequal parts: in the North of Flanders with the city has “70” in the southern Walloon region — “90”.

In Sweden (a world leader in the field of traffic safety) and country limits depend on the parameters of roads: from 70 to 100 km/h.

In some countries there are additional constraints, unknown to us (but mandatory for foreign drivers). For example, in Croatia, drivers under the age of 24 must adhere to the rules “- 10” are allowed.

In Macedonia a similar manner, but “10” is included for drivers with experience of two years. In some countries “- 10” for all country roads is valid during precipitation.

The cameras are everywhere. Nestrashnye threshold is different, but on average stricter than ours — the majority of countries within the range of 4-8 km/h. the Lie that in the world there are countries with “+20”. There, it is Portugal. But she is in Europe alone. In Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and Croatia are not fine “+11”. In Finland and Romania — “+10”. In Belgium, Italy and France — “+6”. In Austria, Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic it is possible to exceed the speed of 4 km/h In Serbia — 1 km/h.

To Albania with our habits better not to go at all.

  • How drivers hard life — Russian or European? We studied law and came to a very curious conclusion.
  • If you are going to visit another country by car, make sure you have snow chains. On the part of the European roads without this accessory-in will be impossible.

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