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9 honest answers Martin Persson, head of Volvo in Russia

What the Russians differ from the Chinese, when we all switch to electric cars and even for the cashback from Volvo?“Behind the wheel”

You had the opportunity to work in Europe and in Asia (Japan, China). Which of these markets most similar to our Russian?

— If to speak only on the consumer side, the Russian market is more reminiscent, of course, Asia. This applies in particular to customers of premium brands that have certain requirements and expectations of the level of service and attitude. The only significant difference is that consumers in Asia are more like sedans and compact cars, and the Russian prefer crossovers and large SUVs.

Martin Persson, President and CEO of Volvo Car RussiaМартин Persson, President and CEO of Volvo Car Russia

— How do You see the Russian buyer? What people value the most when selecting premium vehicles and, in particular, Volvo?

— The basis of the brand Volvo is still safety. For that, we love and appreciate. But in recent years we have added to it another feature, which is now strongly associated with our car design. In particular, the interior design, which was dominated by traditional Nordic spirit: simple forms, luxurious materials.

Now everyone is trying to find a short way to the buyer. As do the Russian office of Volvo?

Is just what appeals to me tremendously in Russia: it is not afraid of innovation. Here you can experiment with. And we at Volvo are looking at different ways of working with clients. For example, in the beginning of this year we were the first on the Russian market to offer such an option, as the subscription to the car.

We are constantly looking for new formats. To think and act in new ways — not like our competitors — this is probably also one of the advantages of Volvo.

— Electrification is a global trend. And what Volvo is superior to its competitors?

When you are creating hybrids and electric vehicles, we remain at the forefront put security. It is no secret that the crash of battery electric vehicles is no less vulnerable than the fuel tank, and can provoke a fire. For example, the Volvo XC60 T8 Twin Engine, which recently appeared in Russia, the lithium-ion traction battery is located in the Central tunnel. It is almost impossible to damage even in a major collision. This is confirmed by crash tests.

We also offered its customers compensation for the cost of electricity, which in the first year after buying the car it will take to recharge hybrids Volvo. This is not a marketing campaign, and one of the ways to remind you that, for what are such cars. We need to protect our planet.

— And how this compensation of costs for electricity will be implemented? Owners of hybrids will need to keep bills for utilities?

— No, it’s much easier. We use the Volvo on Call system available in each vehicle. It records the time of charging the battery from a household outlet. At the end of the year we will be able to calculate how much electricity spent by the owner of the car, and compensate him for all expenses.

— Do you think that Russia is ready to switch to electric cars?

— We know that by the end of this year, all official Volvo dealers in Russia will be ready to sell and service hybrids and fully electric vehicles. A global strategy assumes that by 2025 half of the cars sold, Volvo will be fully electric, and the other 50% — connected or “soft” hybrids. This is our future.

— Electric cars a relatively small reserve: as a rule, 100-150 km, That is, to go to the next area on such a car is quite risky. Or in the case of intermediate charge. You assume that technology will soon change this situation?

Technology will certainly evolve. But now recently submitted a fully electric Volvo XC40 Recharge the power reserve of 400 km. this is enough for a huge number of customers worldwide. At the end of 2020, we will announce the start of sales of this car. Will it appear in Russia — still an open question, but to exclude such a possibility impossible.

— As far as I know, You do regularly get behind the wheel. How do You like the cars? Bad roads — is it a myth?

Since my previous experience in Russia (2013 and 2015) the movement and behavior of drivers are more civilized and calm. It is very noticeable.

Infrastructure is also evolving. For example, I recently traveled to Tver for the perfect highway. I also had the opportunity to travel to Kazan. The road is also very good. Of course, this is not the whole Russia, but frankly the bad roads I have ever seen.

— What would You wish for the Russians in the new year?

— Dear friends!

From myself and on behalf of the Volvo brand, please accept our warm and sincere congratulations on the coming New year and Christmas. The new year is a warm family holiday, which usually meet in the company of loved ones. I wish that Your home was a place of peace, peace and kindness. Look to the future with optimism, feel free to go to the planned purposes! Let every moment will be meaningful and memorable events.

But the car market may pleases us with confident dynamics and new entrants, what we are, in the Volvo Cars promise to exert maximum effort. And of course in the New year we will continue to work hard to make your life even easier and more comfortable — in the best traditions of the Swedish company.

Photo: Volvo

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