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A forecast for the market in 2019, sales will shrink by 3% and prices will rise

Although the year is not over yet, preliminary results and make forecast for 2020 is already possible.Elena Alekseeva


So the plans for the year: 67% will not be able to buy a new car

The end of the year minus 3% by 2018, says commercial Director of Volvo Car Russia, Alexei Tarasov, who made his forecast of the market on the request of “Behind the wheel”. It’s passenger car market as a whole, with regard to the premium segment, which includes its brand, then the result is slightly better simply because the wealthy people who buy expensive cars, less dependent on the fluctuations of a falling market. For 11 months of 2019, sales dipped by 3% while premium increased by 4%, said a top Manager.

The main reasons for the falling demand in the overall market is the decline in purchasing power and rising prices, which, in turn, is partly due to the increase in the recycling fee.

As for sales of passenger cars in 2020, then a lot depends on state support programmes, and, of course, from the purses of Russians. According to available information, which he shared with “the wheel”, a forecast that was made by the Association “Russian automobile dealers” (-8%) are not far from reality. Moreover, the rise in price of cars of all brands inevitably next year, despite the fact that many companies rewrote the price tags towards the end of the outgoing.

“We (Volvo Car Russia) was forced to make a decision about the price increase from 1 January 2020, and this only partially offsets the increase in recycling collection. Therefore, it is likely to further increase in prices in the first half”.

Next year the Russian market is necessary as a support program mass models, and stimulation of demand for niche yet, but promising electric car.

The automotive industry is making brisk steps towards electrification, and it is obvious that our future is electric, is optimistic of a top Manager.

  • Previously your nerdery forecast was made by the Association “Russian automobile dealers” (ROAD).

Photo: Sergey Konkov/TASS

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