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A woman, throw in cops money, will appear before court

In Kaluga the police were forced to detain the passenger of the car driven by noncustodial drunk man. The woman tried to bribe the police.

On the eve of the duty of obdps traffic police of the Moi of Russia in the city of Kaluga, it was reported that the centre of the city drives the car VAZ-21103, the driver of which, presumably, is in a state of alcoholic intoxication. The Manager sent in search of this car nearby the road patrol. Police quickly found and stopped the Tune and the driver really showed signs of intoxication, and the test showed that he is in addition deprived of the right of control of the vehicle.

A drunk driver suddenly Boyko joined his companion: it was proposed, for a cash consideration not to make the report, but police refused a bribe. Then the woman began to put money in the pocket of one of the inspectors, and then threw a five-thousandth denomination in the interior of the patrol car.

In the end the police had to bring to the Department and the driver and passenger. Concerning both criminal cases. The driver will have to answer under article 264.1 of the criminal code “Violation of traffic rules by a person subjected to administrative punishment” (till two years of imprisonment), and his protector — in part 1 of article 291.2 of the criminal code “Petty corruption” (up to one year of imprisonment). Presented police force the funds have been attached to criminal case materials, informs a press-service UMVD of Russia across the Kaluga region.

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Photo: Alexey smishlyaev/inter/TASS

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