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American swim in the pool on an ATV

While more than a million American cars affected by the floods triggered by hurricane “Harvey” and “Irma”, some careless Yankee voluntarily drown your technique in the pool and shoot it on video.

At the time of our publication, video swim carefree resident of Florida on an ATV in the pool of his house he collected nearly 2.5 million hits, but the reviews are, frankly, far from enthusiastic. In the water the driver Dasten Smith with a beer bottle in hand and the hoots of their friends went quickly let out a whoop, and then a good five minutes of ridiculous floundered, trying to leave the pool by the steps — he did so and failed.

Of the positive aspects of the movie, many viewers noted the performance of the fully submerged ATV BRP Can-Am Outlander 1000R X MR is the machine is properly wound up, despite all the bullying owner. This unit has an excellent moisture protection and is the top version of the line Outlander: it comes with a 976-CC 90 HP engine V-twin Rotax in Moscow this ATV is worth about 1.5 million rubles.

On his YouTube channel Dasten regularly puts various stunts on the ATV is about the same as in the pool level performance and probably did not intend to stop there.

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Photo: YouTube

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