Arcanum of Bulgaria: 24 electric motor and 5520 horses

Mokokok and robotic chassis of the new hypercar is made of carbon fiber reinforced material, and its suspension is additionally reinforced with Kevlar. Thanks electroneutrality authorization adjustable damping, ride height and Arcanum can be adjusted from 60 to 160 mm. The machine dimensions are 5240х2180х3100 mm, weight two-door coupé does not exceed 1620 kilograms.

In motion hypercar, depending on performance, lead 12 or 24 motor (three to six per wheel) that are managed individually. The capacity of the power plant may be in different versions of 2646 (4440Нм), 3530 (5920Нм), 4411 (7400Нм) or 5521 (8880Нм) horsepower. The top-modification Alieno Arcanum will be able to accelerate to a maximum speed of 488 km/h.

Feed motors of graphene lithium polymer cells and ultracapacitors with a system recovery of braking energy. Capacity 800-volt battery pack is 60 (racing), 120 (track) or 180 kilowatt-hours (road version). The maximum reserve Alieno Arcanum is 1020 miles. Charging the battery from the 350-kilowatt station will take 30 minutes, and from a special station Alieno (up to 2700 kilowatts) in just four minutes.

Brake system hypercar consists of three separate subsystems: hydraulic, electromagnetic and air using active aerodynamics. Surcharge dvuhdverka can even be equipped with a brake parachute.

There are three main driving modes — Street, Track and Race. Drive hypercar have full control of the thrust vector and dynamic allocation of time between each of the wheels.

The list of equipment and Arcanum includes carbon steering wheel, racing seats with a frame made of CFRP, the system self-diagnostic electronic system, side mirrors with five cameras that recognize faces and the retina, and a complex of active driver assistance systems that retrieves data from 17 cameras, lidar, eight radars, GPS receiver and IMU sensor.

The company has already started taking orders for “the hypercar of the future.” Model base price is 750 thousand euros, a top version will cost half a million. Building each machine takes from 18 to 30 months.

Acceleration 5007-strong hypercar showed in the video

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