Audi Aicon. Without a steering wheel and pedals

Tothe nodes of a novelty devoid of the usual optics – it is the role of a led surface, consisting of a 600 triangular clusters. They provide both the functions of dipped and main beam, and the possibility of communication with the outside world: the concept can display messages, animations, or specify, what mode at the moment. In addition, the possibility of projection on the road surface thematic drawings.

Interestingly, the 5.4 metre prototype was on 24 cm longer A8 L, the largest sedan of the brand. But at the same salon he – Quad. The front seats can move back and forth within one-half meter and rotated around its axis by 15 degrees — this makes it easier to land, and the intercourse between the inhabitants of the cabin. The Luggage compartment while up to 660 liters.

And Audi Aicon completely devoid of traditional authorities – steering wheel and pedals. This means that the concept is equipped with a drone of the highest, fifth level of autonomy. In addition, onboard electronics in tandem with a smartphone allows you to “recognize” passengers and adjust them to the environment – seat configuration, climate, radio on, a welcome message on the huge display and so on.

Powerplant of the prototype has four electric motors, working individually with each wheel – so the car system all-wheel drive with individual torque distribution. Total power up to 354 horsepower, the maximum torque is 550 Nm. The range on a single charge from 700 to 800 km. to Fill the batteries to 80% would be just 30 minutes with a special charger.

In Ingolstadt promise to build several show cars, developing the theme of future mobility and Autonomous systems Audi AI.

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