Career BelAZ turned into a drone

Nhell by creating a unique machine engineers and designers BelAZ worked more than six years. Truck-the robot can be controlled remotely in real time or to move independently to a predetermined route to the place of loading and unloading in a fully automatic mode. Novelty is equipped with high-precision positioning system GPS/GLONASS.

Optical-electronic system of the truck will allow you to work at any time and under any weather conditions to minimize risks to humans in difficult conditions. The truck works in tandem with front-end loader BelAZ. Controls the operation of the mining machine operator, who controls four or five trucks.

The first prototype of the unmanned dump truck BelAZ was shown to the representatives of the 23 countries two years ago. By the time the car has passed all factory tests at the site, during which the truck yourself down to the quarry, loaded and transported the cargo to the destination.

Today BelAZ occupies more than 50% of the world market of dump trucks in the class 110-130 tons.

For carts, the Ukrainians will have to travel to Belarus

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