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Chain reaction in Formula 1: McLaren have changed minder, and may lose Quat

Due to the failure of McLaren-cooperation with Honda in Formula 1 has started a chain reaction that can lead to the fact that the championship will lose the only Russian pilot.

The team Formula-1 McLaren has officially announced the termination of cooperation with the Japanese Honda, which for two seasons has supplied the British “stables” of the power plant.

During this time, McLaren rolled back and can not fight even with middling: Honda motors not only lose power, but they are extremely unreliable by design, virtually every race one or both pilots McLaren go due to technical problems.

In the end, without agreeing, McLaren announced that from next season goes on motors Renault. This resulted in a chain reaction. Honda, which doesn’t want to leave Formula 1 and which all support the current owners of the “big circus,” according to unofficial information, agreed to supply its engines to the Toro Rosso team, which is the Russian pilot Daniil Kvyat.

His position in the team was up to this rather precarious: despite close to his team-mate Carlos Sinco place in qualifying, in the race he can not show good results. The fault here, of course, and the car of Toro Rosso and engine Renault, which seriously losing Mercedes-AMG and Ferrari. However, Kvyat and he made a lot of mistakes during the championship. A few collisions and errors often result in fines starting positions and penalty points. A little while, and Kvyat could become the first who will score 12 points, and so will be suspended from participation in one race.

Toro Rosso, as the senior Red Bull team at the last moment enters into contracts with the pilots. While all of them have hard contracts with the company Red Bull, which owns both “stable”. Summer and sports consultant to Red Bull Helmut Marko, the head of Toro Rosso Franz Toast said that I see no reason to change the composition of the team. And Carlos since, who gave to understand that looking for a place in another team, immediately “landed”, saying that it was in the Red Bull decide when the pilot to leave the team and on what terms. Father since, Carlos Sainz Sr. recognized that his son has a really tight contract with Red Bull.

According to unofficial information, Honda is ready not only to supply power plant Toro Rosso, but also to pay for that sponsorship money. However, allegedly the main condition of cooperation, the Japanese called the participation of their protégé Nobuharu Matsushita as the prize of the pilot team. The young Japanese has the experience of participation in the championship of Formula 2, and he ran some tests behind the wheel of a Sauber race car.

Saints, again according to unofficial information, is ready to move to Renault in place Juliana Palmer. Supposedly Red Bull agreed to give him in return for preferential treatment in the supply of engines for both the core team and Toro Rosso. But as the latter goes to Honda, and to give since makes no sense.

While the situation at the level of rumors, but all parties have remained silent. But even if Quat will remain in the Toro Rosso, he is in for another tough season to expect from Honda’s technical breakthrough is necessary.

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Photo: Toro Rosso

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