Chery is ready to conquer Europe

Novince built on a completely new platform and designed for global markets, primarily in Europe. Some stylistic decisions a prototype borrowed from the Tiggo Sport Coupe, presented this spring at an auto show in Shanghai. The car got wide wheel arches, panoramic roof, led optics and 19-inch wheels.

Inside the car have a digital instrument panel diagonal of seven inches, and Bosch multimedia system with a large 10 inch touchscreen display. Note also the modern control unit “climate” screen in the steering controls and the intelligent driver’s assistant, developed in collaboration with Chinese Internet giant Baidu.

In full compliance with the European trend for eco-friendliness, the Chinese immediately refused to use conventional engine: the serial crossover will be available for purchase only in the “green” versions of hybrid (HEV), rechargeable hybrid (PHEV) and electric vehicle (BEV).

The first version, which will debut in the Old world, it will be a rechargeable hybrid: a 1.5-liter gasoline turbo with 150 impact forces will work in conjunction with a 7-speed DCT transmission and a 116-horsepower electric motor. For the last сч1т and will be implemented all-wheel drive system.

Claimed acceleration to “hundreds” will take six seconds at a maximum speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Average fuel consumption according to the methodology of NEDC — will amount to just 1.8 liters per 100 km In pure electric Exeed Tx can travel up to 70 km away, and Replenishment of available battery capacity is 80% of the speed of the terminal takes 30 minutes, and using a household outlet full charge takes 4 hours.

Despite the fact that the crossover presented at the Frankfurt motor show in the status concept, the Chinese claim that almost in the same form it goes in mass production, which will start in 2018.

Earlier it was reported that Chery is going to create a new brand under which to sell their cars on the European market. And, in addition, will open a center for advanced research and development.

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