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Chinese brand Borgward has published another teaser of a conceptual sports car

Premiere of new items, which will be called Isabella, will be held at the Frankfurt motor show.

Any data about the new product currently is not.
Under the name Isabella from 1954 to 1962 issued the classic model of the automaker. During this time she has sold about 200 thousand copies, making it the most popular car in the history of the German mark.

Dvuhdverka was available with different body types, including coupes, station wagon and convertible. The model was powered by a 1.5-liter inline petrol “four” with the capacity of 75 HP, working in tandem with four-speed manual transmission.The company Borgward was founded in 1929 by Karl Borgwardt and lasted until 1962. The brand is engaged in production of different vehicles, including cars. In 2015, the company Borgward was revived with the participation of Chinese investors, including a firm Foton.

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