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Coming soon three Fields: “new”, “old” and “really old”

Togliatti auto giant bought General Motors 50% stake in the joint venture GM-AVTOVAZ became the sole owner of the joint venture and regained the brand “Niva”.Maxim Kadako “Behind the wheel”

During the official launch of Assembly line of JV “GM-AVTOVAZ” in 2002, the chief designer of the Niva Valery Semushkin (he “drew” and the old Field, and new) to talk to me refused: “you do Not love the Field, nothing good to it you ever heard.” But the fact is that shortly before I traveled to the VAZ-2123, which later was renamed Chevrolet. It was not a machine — a factory on the capacity of the pilot production produced in small batches prefabricated. I honestly wrote.

Barely keep afloat AVTOVAZ could not handle full production and the idea arose to create a joint venture with a strong partner. Thus was formed the Alliance, and at the side of the auto giant grew a new Assembly site. Under the guise of the Americans gave the brand and “Niva”.

We must pay tribute to the new venture, Chevrolet Niva was more serious product than the VAZ-2123, – the car no longer resembled a designer DIY. The front panel is fitted with a soft material is sliding climate unit introduced three rotating handles. But stocks enough. “Snevo” was treated long and not always hopeless, and it was sold. The planned capacity of the JV and it did not work: peak in 2012, has sold 63 thousand cars at capacity of the conveyor 98 thousand.

Details of the current transaction is not yet known. What’s next? And why AVTOVAZ has decided to seize another polypectomy Assembly area if the primary conveyor in Togliatti is not loaded, and the factory in Izhevsk where do Vesta?

First, the SP are no longer interested in the American side: GM is fully focused on the sale in Russia of premium-class models Cadillac and Chevrolet.

Second, AVTOVAZ, oddly enough, in the foreseeable future may require additional power as in the coming years it needs to bring to market a dozen new models.

Thirdly, apparently, the deal is purely symbolic for an enterprise of this scale — so why not regain commodity name Niva?

Fourth, in SP works 500-600 people, and the new Governor of the Samara region has a fairly strict policy on preservation of jobs, so AVTOVAZ also performs a social function.

Buyers of all these transformations should not worry too much. The first time the Field will continue to produce the Chevrolet Niva, but for years it hung signboards “Lada”. Perhaps even certification is not required, because the machine will not change. How long will she last on the line — is unknown.

Old Niva, which still exists under the name “4×4”, will be produced at least until 2023 — that is why she just slightly changed the interior. In the same year should appear in a radically new field that is developed on the platform of the Alliance Renault-Nissan. As I told the President of AVTOVAZ Eve Karakatsanis, the task is to make a new Field hardier off-road. And the most vulnerable point of the Duster is the clutch which overheats in heavy conditions, it means that the coming gear change.

And it is quite possible that all three cars will be produced in parallel. The original Niva will be the most budget option. New — the largest and most expensive. And somewhere between them there are “led” around which now all the fuss.

And it is possible that after some time the drivers will call these machines “new field”, “old field” and “very old field”. Somehow understand. Old, but its own.

The best, what happened to the Field over 42 years, we’ve gathered here.

Photo: “Behind the wheel”

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