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Crossover Volvo XC40 declassified before the premiere

The Hungarian branch Volvo has published a full version of a video featuring a new compact crossover XC40. Officially the car will represent the only September 21, but due to this oversight we know about its design almost everything.

Volvo XC40 XC40Volvo

It is not known whether the leak is accidental or is still planned. Despite the fact that the video is from a page of Volvo Hungary quickly deleted, screenshots of it has managed to spread all over the Internet. Apparently, the teaser presents the top version R-Design solution with a two-tone paint finishes.

Volvo XC40 XC40Volvo

Numerous spy photos and a few teasers and it was clear that the Volvo XC40 will resemble last year’s Volvo concept 40.1. But in reality, it turned out that the differences between the serial version and the prototype are almost there! When comparing the two cars the only thing that catches the eye appeared normal door handle for a natural grip (on the concept they were drowned in the door). Even on the rear doors there was quite a large area naoussas of the glass. Given the compact dimensions and the wheelbase it is easy to explain: the arch of the rear wheels too issued at the door.

Volvo XC40 XC40Volvo

In the interior too, without any surprises. Our assumption that crossover can get dvuhmetrovoy the wheel, proved to be wrong: the wheel XC40 usual, with three spokes. In General, the front of the cabin is designed in a style with the XC60 and X90. The car’s virtual instrument panel on the basis of the wide-screen format, a large vertically oriented screen multimedia system, center console noticeably deployed to the driver.

Volvo XC40 XC40Volvo

Previously, Volvo reported that the XC40 will be equipped with the most modern security systems car in its segment. The crossover will get the same facilities of a senior “brothers”, including a new generation of City Safety and the system of semi-Autonomous driving Pilot Assist.

Volvo XC40 XC40Volvo

Volvo XC40 was the first model of the company, built on a new platform CMA (Compact Modular Architecture). What engines will get a crossover, there is no information. It is logical to assume that it will be a 2-liter turbo engine, petrol and diesel, and hybrid power plant. But this model could make his debut and the new (not yet declassified) 1.5-litre 3-cylinder petrol motor. Most likely, in the foreseeable future there will be a charged option of the company, Polestar, and it is possible that it will be fully hybrid.

  • According to representatives of Volvo XC40 will be the most expressive model for the whole history of the company.
  • Compact crossover Volvo XC40 will appear and in Russia. This information was officially confirmed by representatives of the company. In addition to the Volvo XC40 want to create and even more compact crossover, which will receive the index XC20.

Photo: Volvo

Crossover Volvo XC40 declassified to primarycolour Volvo XC40 declassified before the premiere

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